A snick pick into Lori Senecals’ life and career.

Lori Senecal is one extraordinary person whose professional life has brought her much recognition in the cooperate world of business advertising. Through her resourceful creativity, she has broken so many grounds in digital advertising. She is the current Global Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter and Bogusky(CP+B). This position enables her to manage and coordinate the firms’ eight more internal offices with the aim of promoting the brand f her company in the international market scene.

Her adoption of traditional modes of advertising into digital marketing strategies has seen her innovatively come up with new ways to better market her company in this hostile and competitive world of business digital advertising. The adaptation of catchy phrases and promotional models from traditional advertising has merged well in current digital advertising which requires things that quickly grabs attention. Her work involves looking for better and efficient ways of being able to try to attract the attention of new and potential customers towards her company and so far she has had nothing but great success. Visit Adweek to know more.

This being said, her work is not necessarily easy as it involves thinking outside the box since many companies try to outshine competitors in the same field. These companies fight to retain their customers and gunner new ones so as to stay afloat with the changing time.

Digital marketing is something that keeps on evolving with the change taking place in technology, as such companies now spend more and more time and money to try and take advantage of it. The use of GPS target marketing and use of funny and captivating videos are some example of trending digital marketing strategies employed by Lori Senecal in digital marketing. In addition to this, she also uses social media, codes, and employing the advice from other professionals in digital marketing. Check out Bloomberg for the details.

Senecal success can be attributed to her very competitive nature which she has always had since she was young. Raised by a single mother of four, Lori always made sure that she excelled in anything she did. After leaving home she had become a gymnastic instructor for a while before joining Montreal McGill University. Visit YouTube for more.

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