Michael Phelps Meets Talkspace

Michael Phelps is known for swimming and winning at it, but what you may not know is that he uses Talkspace. Mental health can be difficult to discuss openly, but no one knows better than Michael Phelps. As a world champion swimmer and gold medalist, it may seem that he has it all. He has achieved what every athlete dreams of, but he also spent many years struggling with his own personal demons. More than 55% of adults struggle with mental health challenges, yet they don’t get the help they need and deserve.

After facing anxiety and depression for far too long on his own, Michael realized he needed to talk to someone. It was time to get help, and he did so. His decision to do so is what he tells others saved his life. Michael’s example is one of strength. The courage to ask for help shows that he is courageous and not weak. This is why he has chosen to team up with Talkspace and share his story. He knows what it’s like to suffer in silence, and the benefit of reaching out to get help. This is why Talkspace exists. His goal with Talkspace is to make getting help easier and more accessible.

One of the first pieces of advice Michael gives throughout this campaign is to open up and share your thoughts and feelings with others. Talkspace is an affordable, easy to access option for those who need help now. The wait to get into a therapist can be far too long. With Talkspace, you can get help that is confidential, and you can get it when you need it. There are various levels of accessibility you can purchase, but you can use text, audio and even video to communicate with a licensed therapist.

Teaming up with Talkspace means a lot to Michael Phelps. Those who wish to try the app can use promotional code PHELPS50 to receive $50 off for the first month.

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