Freedom Checks and the Trump Bonus Checks- Comparison

Freedom Checks is an investment strategy that has been very popular for the better part of this year. It is the same new business ideas as the Trump Bonus Checks although each one of them has its unique features. When the two were introduced, many people thought that they were sources of free money being given out by the government. Each one of them has something that can be related to the federal government, but there is no link between them and the government. Each one is independent, and they are all private initiatives. Those who would like to benefit from them should think about private investments and not free money. The marketing strategy might make you think the government is involved but that is not true.

The Trump Bonus Checks have nothing to do with President Trump. It is just a moniker aimed at catching the attention of the customers. That said, what does it stand for? It is an investment system that is made by Mike Burnick,a approved  investment adviser. He is saying that there is $5 trillion that will be coming back to America and only those who will invest in companies he will recommend will benefit from them.Freedom Checks, on the other hand, is an investment strategy that was introduced by Matt Badiali. Badiali is an expert in mining. He knows the industry better than any other person. He is one of the people who are generous with information.

He researched about an opportunity that would be created by changes in the oil industry, and he came up with this idea. Freedom Checks is all about investing in companies which promise to pay huge dividends to the customers. According to Matt Badiali, there are some good investment opportunities in companies he calls Master Limited Partnerships. These are the companies that will be giving it the freedom checks to the people. The profits they make will be so huge that investors will be getting a significant return on their investment capable of changing their lives.Freedom Checks have been around since July when the payouts began. Matt Badiali believes this is the biggest investment idea for 2018.

Whitney Wolfe makes it Clear that Men no Longer Run the Show

Bumble’s CEO, Whitney Wolfe, attended Vanity Fair’s annual Founder’s Fair in 2018. This was the second time that this event took place. e Founder’s Fair was created to help women from various fields to have a voice about business and life. Professional women from various fields within society participated in the affair. Whitney Wolfe’s presence at this meeting let women know that it is time to start moving ahead with change. She wanted the females to know that men no longer run the show.

Women have traditionally been required to play the background to men in business and in life. This trend is currently changing. Whitney and her supporters no longer want to be viewed as second class. These women are fed up with being inferior to men and they no longer want to operate behind the scenes. For latest update connect with Whitney Wolfe on Twitter.

Women want more in this day and time and they are pushing to get it. Whitney was once told that the dating market was already crowded. However, she let people know that it was only “crowded for men”. She had to let them know that men would no longer have the only seats at the table. In other words, men are now going to have to share power.

Men are going to have share power with females in the area of business and in life. Women will be respected for their talents, gifts and their contributions to business, industry, technology and society in general. They no longer want to be just regulated to the realm of motherhood, housewife and being a trophy chick.

Whitney and the other women want change. They want women in power and men to wake up to this reality. They no longer will be held back by traditional male stereotypes and expectations. Whitney Wolfe is now taking the necessary steps for change. She is pushing to make things better for women everywhere.

This is why Bumble puts women first. They need the world to see what dedicated and knowledgeable women can do when they have the drive, ambition and understanding to succeed. Vanity Fair’s Founder’s Fair helped Whitney Wolfe to get the word out to men that things will never be the same.



Malcolm CasSelle, The Future of Blockchain

There is no more perfect union than in-game, virtual buying and blockchain technology. Current virtual marketplaces are crippled, due to cross-border regulations and payment processing. The acceptance of cryptocurrency is transforming the landscape.

Enter the WAX token and Malcolm CasSelle. OPSkins is a world leader in the area of in-game virtual sales. CasSelle realized the market inefficiencies and created WAX. A decentralized market using blockchain to eliminate fragmentation and fraud.

The WAX platform allows gaming buyers and sellers to tokenize their services. With the help of a widget, users can immediately buy or sell from each other without concern of getting paid. The WAX token is a legitimate international denomination recognized by all gamers on the network. The gaming community will bring cryptocurrency mainstream predicts Malcolm CasSelle.

CasSelle has made a career overseeing rapid growth companies. He has led several startup companies in the media space. Malcolm was a co-founder of PCCW, a Hong Kong telecom valued in excess of $35 billion.

In 1995, CasSelle served as CTO of NetNoir, one of the first websites focused on Afrocentric studies. CasSelle has been an innovator his entire career. In April of 2012, CasSelle was named CEO of Xfire. The company provided a proprietary instant messaging service for gamers. Joining MediaPass in 2013, Malcolm served as CEO. MediaPass was an online solution provider to generate subscription revenues.

Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of MIT. He has a graduate degree in computer science from Stanford University.

Malcolm recognized the obstacles with in-game purchasing. The process was fraught with security issues. Users were continually experiencing seller delivery issues and settlement disputes.

WAX is solving the significant fraud issues associated with virtual in-game transactions. Blockchain is addressing many of these transactional roadblocks. Intermediaries are still required to ensure the goods are transferred as agreed. Middle-men who previously pushed up costs are no longer involved. Buyers and sellers are seeing substantial increases for their products.

Smart contracts and the blockchain technology eliminate the demand for middle-men that were once considered indispensable. The virtual asset marketplace will benefit immeasurably from the decentralized WAX platform. Economic inefficiencies will soon be eliminated

The future of cryptocurrency and blockchain is now.

Igor Cornelsen Role in Growing Brazilian Economy

Brazil is a country known for many reasons. The nation has been lucky enough to have a soccer team that has won many competitions in the past. The Latin America nation has been enjoying a very good economy in the recent times too. This, however, has not been the case for a long time. After the financial crisis, some countries took several years to recover. For Brazil, this was not the case. Professional finance executives did their best to change everything. Igor Cornelsen is the man who made the greatest change. The finance executive has been able to devise a financial recovery plan that has helped the company to recover and also move to the next level.

Igor Cornelsen is unique and also smart when he is compared to the other finance executives living in Brazil and any other parts of the globe. When he registered to join the university, Igor got the opportunity to study engineering. Two years later, the finance executive had changed his mind, and he was now thinking about finance. The executive changed courses and remained in the same learning institution. By the time Igor was graduating, the demand for finance experts in the market was too high. The small background he had in engineering was an added advantage into his resume. Employers knew that he was the ideal professional, especially when the calculation of compounded interest was being involved.

Igor Cornelsen experience in financial matters has come after a long struggle in the Brazilian market. The businessman worked for top banks in the country, and it was his passion to make the lives of all investors coming into the banks as easy as possible. Igor has already decided to move away from his active career in finance, but he has been helping the government and many banks by offering his words of advice.

Here’s How Gareth Henry Makes Everyday Productive

As the Global Head of Investor Relations for multiple Alternative Investment Managers, its safe to say Gareth Henry doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands. The first thing he does in the morning is hop on calls with international clients. He doesn’t even have breakfast because he believes it slows him down. For Gareth Henry, the only way to truly serve his clients is to make sure he fully understands their needs. This is why he makes a minimum of 8 calls to his clients every single day. By the time most people have made it into the office of Gareth Henry has already made several calls to his Asian and European clients.

He then moves on to the day to day business that must be handled in his New York office. By lunch time he is on to next thing. For dinner he usually meets up with clients or industry colleagues so he can stay afloat on the latest news in the industry. This is a guy that never stops. He is constantly in motion. Constantly doing all he can to ensure his clients, and the organization he works for, continue to grow and meet their financial goals.

With so much to do, and so little time to do it, how is it that Gareth Henry manages to be so productive everyday? For Gareth it boils down to one thing, his passion for the work he does. This isn’t a guy who just wakes up and goes to work because he has to. He works in the world of hedge funds and private equity because he loves it. He loves communicating with his clients about their investments in a meaningful way. His passion drives his devotion, and his devotion makes him want to do all he can every single day to ensure his clients thrive.

OSI Industries Continue To Dominate The Food Market

OSI Industries was established in Oakland, Chicago as small butcher shop by a German immigrant in 1909. The Company specialized in the supply of value-added products and other conventional food products to McDonald’s restaurants since 1955. The company specializes in vegetable products, bacon, hot dogs, pizza, fish, poultry, and beef.

The company’s headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois. Since the company was rebranded from Otto & Sons to OSI Industries in 1975, the company has taken many steps to ensure better services to its clients. These steps include acquisitions, purchases, and opening up of new branches. The company also upgrades the existing plants to boost their production. These steps are taken under the excellent leadership of the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin in conjunction with the company’s President, David McDonald. David also serves as the company’s Chief Operations Officer.

In a giant step to cater to the domestic market, OSI Industries acquired the Chicago based Tyson Foods which was just near one of its facilities in 2017. The 200,000 square feet facility was ideal for the group’s expansion plans because it would introduce more products in the facility apart from poultry products. In a step to cater for the European market, OSI Industries collaborated with flagship Europe a deal, which was reached in December 2016. The plant, which specializes in sauces, frozen poultry, pies, and dressings, had earlier purchased Calder foods in the way of improving its products base. Calder Foods specialized in dips, sandwich fillings, and sauces to name but a few. This means that OSI would have a variety of products to supply to its rich European customer base whose demand was rising tremendously. Earlier 2018, Flagship Europe rebranded to Creative Food Europe to improve its brand in the global market.

OSI Industries revamped its Toledo plant to improve in its production. It made some changes in the plant including adding some facilities in the plant and reducing electricity cost. The changes saw the plant increase its poultry production to 24,000 tons per year up from the initial 12,000 tons. Cumulatively, the plant’s production of its entire product rose to 45,000 annually. The added facilities included hot water storage and Nitrogen storage facility. Others were the installation of improved production and dispatch facility and an employee’s lounge. By recycling heat generated by refrigerator and production lines to heat water, the plant would cut electricity cost in a big way. Security and safety were improved through the installation of surveillance cameras and modern firefighting equipment respectively.


Betsy DeVos Is Ready For The Spotlight As Secretary Of Education

When the 2016 Presidential Election wrapped up with the victory speech of Donald Trump for the Republican party, the rest of the world watched on in shock. Most shocking of all was the fact that people around the nation couldn’t see something like this coming. Voters came out en masse during the 2016 elections in order to make their voice heard: change was on the way and they were inviting it with open arms. With ‘outsider politics’ suddenly becoming en vogue, newly sworn-in President Trump was quick to bring in a litany of outsider politicians to join his Cabinet. Among the many different politicians that Trump would add to his cabinet, Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education would stick out the most.


Before Betsy DeVos was nominated for her position as the Secretary of Education at the Department of Justice, the highest office an educator can receive, she was not quite a household name around the nation. With that being said, Betsy DeVos had already become something of an icon around the political world of Michigan. According to Mike Cox, a former state attorney general on the Republican ticket, Betsy DeVos managed to ‘instill fear in a lot of people’ due to her demeanor, preparedness, and her ability to cut to the core of the conversation at hand. Those are high words of praise aimed at someone who had never worked in the federal government but we have quickly come to the realization that there is no hyperbole here.


Betsy and Dick DeVos made their stance quite well known over the past thirty years or so. The DeVos’s have spent their married life working to promote conservative values while funding and campaigning for the GOP on a national level. Their hard work in Michigan, in both business and education, put the DeVos family on the map. Betsy DeVos specifically stepped up into the national spotlight thanks to her unwavering faith in school choice and her self-anointed title as a ‘reformer’. While these titles may sound ostentatious, they are applicable to the life that Betsy DeVos has lived and her goals in the future.


The most important aspect of Betsy DeVos’s nomination and confirmation was the fact that she gave conservatives an identity to rally around in the field of education. While education reform is largely attached to progressive politics, Betsy DeVos has made popular a conservative education platform that has potential to fix some of the glaring issues in the world of public education. Betsy DeVos is championing school choice and she will be pushing for school funding to be spread among private schools, charter schools, and even Christian schools. Betsy DeVos believes that parents should have the right to choose the educational institution of their choice for their children without any penalty.


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The Efforts of Ara Chackerian to Help People

Currently, based in San Francisco, California, Ara Chackerian has built a good name for himself in the world of business as well as benevolence. Much of his effort is committed to serving the community more specifically in the healthcare trying to improve the health sector through the technology. Other areas that he shows interest in include environmental and youth development causes.


In the interview, Ara Chackerian said that his ideas come from life experiences. He expounded by saying that if one makes a conscious effort to engage life, then ideas will easily be generated. It is a simple formula. His parents encouraged him to have this behavior when he was a little boy; he was brought up being taught that the best way of generating best ideas is thinking hard.


According to thenewsversion, in the recent article found on the Ara medium, there is a discussion about ending the stigma of suicide. Ara Chackerian says that even though more than 100 people die each day as a result of suicide, many people don’t like talking about it. However, the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony challenged many to address the subject.



Over 45,000 Americans commit suicide every year. Despite these deaths, people still fear to address the subject. The fear and shallow knowledge about the causes of suicide foster a general lack of action. Various organizations are known to work very hard towards curing cancer. People like watching their diets to minimize the chances of having heart disease. Because addressing suicide, the matter requires one to have a certain level of vulnerability as well as acknowledging depression; many people see this as somewhat taboo. Loved one feeling like if it was their mistakes for not doing something before losing their loved one through suicide. Many admit that they had an ideas something was not right, but still, they did nothing. Another possible explanation for this is since not many people know how they can react to such a thing. It is vital recognizing that anyone can be a victim to suicide. Bourdain and Spade were rich and famous across the world, and many people envied them but still ended their lives through suicide.for more details you can visit



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