OSI Industries Continue To Dominate The Food Market

OSI Industries was established in Oakland, Chicago as small butcher shop by a German immigrant in 1909. The Company specialized in the supply of value-added products and other conventional food products to McDonald’s restaurants since 1955. The company specializes in vegetable products, bacon, hot dogs, pizza, fish, poultry, and beef.

The company’s headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois. Since the company was rebranded from Otto & Sons to OSI Industries in 1975, the company has taken many steps to ensure better services to its clients. These steps include acquisitions, purchases, and opening up of new branches. The company also upgrades the existing plants to boost their production. These steps are taken under the excellent leadership of the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin in conjunction with the company’s President, David McDonald. David also serves as the company’s Chief Operations Officer.

In a giant step to cater to the domestic market, OSI Industries acquired the Chicago based Tyson Foods which was just near one of its facilities in 2017. The 200,000 square feet facility was ideal for the group’s expansion plans because it would introduce more products in the facility apart from poultry products. In a step to cater for the European market, OSI Industries collaborated with flagship Europe a deal, which was reached in December 2016. The plant, which specializes in sauces, frozen poultry, pies, and dressings, had earlier purchased Calder foods in the way of improving its products base. Calder Foods specialized in dips, sandwich fillings, and sauces to name but a few. This means that OSI would have a variety of products to supply to its rich European customer base whose demand was rising tremendously. Earlier 2018, Flagship Europe rebranded to Creative Food Europe to improve its brand in the global market.

OSI Industries revamped its Toledo plant to improve in its production. It made some changes in the plant including adding some facilities in the plant and reducing electricity cost. The changes saw the plant increase its poultry production to 24,000 tons per year up from the initial 12,000 tons. Cumulatively, the plant’s production of its entire product rose to 45,000 annually. The added facilities included hot water storage and Nitrogen storage facility. Others were the installation of improved production and dispatch facility and an employee’s lounge. By recycling heat generated by refrigerator and production lines to heat water, the plant would cut electricity cost in a big way. Security and safety were improved through the installation of surveillance cameras and modern firefighting equipment respectively.

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