Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Is On For A Diversity Campaign

In the past three quarters, the decline of Papa John’s sales has been its major concern since the beginning of the year. In the light of the situation, Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie made a move to make things better for the pizza chain company. Ritchie has written a letter about his stand in the diversity and equality problems of the company and his plans in the future.

To turn the table, Steve Ritchie decided to act on the inside. His letter stated that the company was audited and investigated to uncover bad diversity and inclusion practices. He and other Papa John’s leaders toured across the country to hear what the team members had to say and how Papa John’s should be better. Among the visited states are Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and Dallas.

There is also a training planned for the whole company. In complement to this, Steve Ritchie also decided to include more diversity in the company, even in the leadership positions. This program, which aims to improve cooperation among members, is reported to include special advisory with experts and nationally respected members. Ritchie also cemented the two long-term focus into the core of the company. The first one is to expand the reaches of Papa John’s to the minority-owned franchise. The second one is building a framework that will highlight the importance of working together.

As the last quarter remains uncharted, Papa John seems to bet everything in this last quarter to turn the table of a rather bad year. This includes more advertisements and marketing campaigns that aim to increase sales for the company. So far, Papa John’s sales are only improving on international markets. Because of this, Papa Johns is expected to build more franchises outside the US.

The comps for all the previous quarters this year are all negative. Q1 has -5.3% while Q2 has -6.1%. It is still early to conclude if we can actually see these figures changing in the last quarter. Papa John’s and Steve Ritchie are doing all they can to get back on sales that they lost in the past months of the year.

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