Alastair Borthwick Shared His Love for the Scottish Highlands Through Writing

Alastair Borthwick is best known for his accounts of living a life of adventure in the Scottish Highlands. He led a quiet life shaped by his youthful experiences and the War. This led to his life as a writer and broadcaster. His talent was an ability to expound upon the lives of people, and the conditions they lived under whether good or bad. His writings shared insights into the triumphs and failures of life. Alastair Borthwick was an excellent writer and broadcaster. He never sought gain or riches. His only desire was to share experiences with people willing to listen.

In his later years, Alastair Borthwick developed a love for hiking in the hills of Scotland. Hiking, at one time, was a pastime of the rich. Scotland citizens, pressing through challenging economic times and world upheavals, began hiking as a way to clear their minds. His writings sparked the attention of his country and the world. In a way, it helped to make people think of Scotland as a tourist destination years later.

Alastair Borthwick spent quality time in the Highlands hiking and climbing. He was highly social and would stop and talk to anyone. These journeys of nature and solitude were the beginning of his literary career. Outdoor activities, at the time, were only applicable to those with wealth. That might sound strange to anyone today, but it was how things were at the time. Borthwick wrote and kept the common citizen in mind. The cumulation of his writings resulted in his books “Sans Peur,” and “Always a Little Further.”

Sans Peur was later released with the title Battalion. It told the story of a British infantry unit from 1942 to 1945. It was an outstanding account of what war and battle is like although his writings never saw a large run in print at the time. His other book, “Always a Little Further, was the one that chronicled his journey hiking in the Scottish Highlands. While hiking, on the crag, a person cannot worry and sweat at the same time. The hiker’s brain can only appreciate the beauty of the mountains when it is free of distraction. His writing skills took individuals to places they might never travel, and the world is a better place because of his writings.

Dr Saad Saad a Pediatric Surgeon Committed to Saving Lives of Thousands of Children

Dr. Saad Saad is a world-renowned pediatric surgeon who has since retired after practicing for more than four decades. Dr. Saad Saad now a resident of the United States was born in Palestine and spent his early childhood days in Kuwait. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

Born in a family of eight Dr. Saad Saad comes from a family that understands the importance of education. All of Dr. Saad siblings are well educated. The family comprises three surgeons, two possess, and another two have master’s degrees in engineering, and there is also a teacher in the family.

Dr. Saad Saad acquired his medical degree from the Egypt based Cairo University. Dr. Saad Saad was a brilliant student and graduated with honors from the University and was number two in his class. After graduation, Dr. Saad Saad had the opportunity of relocating to England for his medical internship. Read more:

After completing his internship another opportunity presented itself, and he transferred to the US where he did his residency in pediatric surgery and became certified to practice pediatric surgery in the US. Dr. Saad is a family man and has been in a marriage for over 42 years.

Together with his wife, they are blessed with four children. Dr. Saad Saad followed in his father’s footstep and instilled the value of education to his children all of whom are now highly educated. Two of Dr. Saad Saad children followed his footprints and are surgeons. The other two one is a lawyer, and the other one is an ICU nurse.

Dr. Saad Saad has accomplished a lot in the field of medicine as a pediatric surgeon and has contributed a lot to the profession and the Industry. Among his many contributions, Dr. Saad Saad has two inventions to his name and has led to the creation of many new pediatric surgical procedures. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad for the last four decades dedicated his life to saving the lives of children and as a result successfully performed thousands of complex pediatric surgeries on children both locally and internationally.

Dr. Saad Saad in an interview stated that his dream of becoming a medical doctor was informed by his desire of working in a cool air-conditioned room.

At first, he thought of becoming an engineer like his two brothers who worked as engineers in a construction site in Kuwait. The extremely high temperatures that exceeded 110 degrees discouraged Dr. Saad Saad from pursuing an engineering career. Dr. Saad Saad brings ideas to life through research.

According to Dr. Saad Saad research is the only way through accurate results are achieved.

Dr. Saad Saad contributions to the medical industry are as a result of years of study. One trend that excites Dr. Saad Saad in the medical sector is how genetics is transforming the industry and leading to the understanding, prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses such as cancer.

Gareth Henry Gives Back to His Alma Mater

Gareth Henry has had a highly successful career in business working for some of the biggest investment firms in the world. Some of the companies he has worked for include Angelo, Gordon & Co and Fortress Investment Group. He has taken on many roles during that time, and he has been in charge of sales, marketing and investor relations.

Gareth Henry has returned to his alma mater, Heriot-Watt, to set up a scholarship in his name. The scholarship will pay for one student to study Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics at the undergraduate level. The scholarship does far more than simply pay for the tuition. Gareth Henry will make himself available to the student in order to mentor them. He will speak to them throughout the term. He will also help the student once they have graduated. He will give job seeking advice, and Henry will prepare them for the business world. Henry believes that Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics will be a key part of business moving forward. He thinks that everything from AI to investment analysis will be based on skills learned in the actuarial sciences.

Heriot-Watt is one of the finest colleges in Great Britain, and its benefits go beyond simply obtaining the degree. Graduates from the college can often skip some of the exams required to be an actuarial professional. This will save extra time and money for those who get their degrees from the Edinburgh based school. Students can also transfer their UK actuarial qualifications to the Society of Actuaries in North America. Gareth Henry on Quantitative Investing.

Gareth Henry is proud to put his name to the scholarship, as he knows the value of a strong mentor. He has had several over his career, and he is looking forward to filling that role for some at Heriot-Watt University. The only requirements for the scholarship are that the student is from the United Kingdom and they show that they need the financial assistance.

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All about New Residential Investment Corps

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The companies invest in mortgage servicing rights. They have delivered core earnings records since 2013 they achieved as total return of 85 % at the end of 2017 it as a different year in terms of financial performance and this performance continued to be strong for the full year .they remained extremely diligent in seeking attractive and big size mortgage service rights transactions in order to continue scaling their services .From time to time they make great opportunistic investment that they believe they will give outstanding results .The team as able to improve their portfolio performance by lowering the deliuency throughout the year.

New residential is supposed to provide its stakeholders with information on our corporate governance. It’s a high quality income with a diversified investment. Fortress investment Group LLC is used to manage and advice the new residential investment and benefit resource of widely global alternative. Fortress investment group is highly ide global best investment with 4.5 billion assets under management .Their aim is to come up with a strong adjustments return in their investments .Their residential mortgage loan drastically increased in US. Their target as to generate long term cash flow and generate returns throughout the year. Fortress investment Group llc they benefit from resources in ide investment management.


Equities First Holdings Has Their LLC Distinction For The Good Of Customers

Equities First Holdings LLC has the best customer service in their industry, and they have made it easy for the people who come in to get the loans that they need that will have the right value. This company has been very good at what they do over the years because they provide loans to all their clients in the best manner possible. They will show the customer how they will save money on their loans, and they will talk it over with the client when they come into the office. All their banking and lending can be done online, and this will make sure that the customer does not spend too much money.

Customers who come to Equities First Holdings get that nice customer service that makes them feel like they came to a bank that is around the corner. They get good loans from nice people at low cost.

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Edwin Miranda Tops His Career With Three International Appearances

The former Puerto Rico Islanders and Portland Timbers defender and defensive midfielder, Edwin Miranda completed his career as a soccer player in 2014 to bring down the curtain on a glittering decade in the sport. The highlight of the career of Edwin Miranda must be the three appearances he made for the El Salvador national team in January 2009 following his first call-up to the national team squad in December 2008. Miranda began his career at college as a powerful defender before switching to a position in defensive midfield during his professional career.

As a professional, Edwin Miranda was not a player to suffer a setback and dwell on it, instead choosing to work harder and further his career. A good sign of the work Miranda was willing to put into his career was shown with the disappointment of his first professional assignment. Drafted in the 2004 MLS super draft, the Cal State-Northridge Matadors graduate was drafted in the sixth round by the team now known as F.C. Dallas. Realizing his chances of breaking into the first team in Dallas were limited, the former Big West Conference Defender of the Year decided to drop into the second tier of U.S. soccer with the Portland Timbers.

Playing in the NASL proved to be a success for Edwin Miranda who played 45 games and scored five goals for the Timbers over two seasons. The success which began in Portland continued at the Puerto Rico Islanders team which allowed Miranda to play 75 games in his first spell with the club. Edwin Miranda eventually retired following the 2014 season and appeared three times for his home nation as an international soccer player.

Matt Badiali: Financial Analyst with Sound understanding of the workings of the mining Industry

Matt Badiali is an investment expert with a background in geology. Mr. Badali studied a B.S. in Earth Sciences at Penn State University as well as a Master of Science in geology at Florida Atlantic University. He initiated his Ph.D. studies but veered off to finance after he realized how lucrative the sector is.

Matt Badiali released a video which went viral. The video entailed an investment opportunity like no other. He introduced the public to freedom checks and the reception has been amazing owing to the fact people stand to earn huge returns on capital investment. Mr. Badiali has taken many by surprise by investing in overlooked stocks and companies. His experience in the natural resource sector has enabled him to make sound investment decisions.

The accomplished investment expert has travelled throughout the world touring countless mines as well as oil wells. In the course of his travel, he got to interact with CEOs in the sector on the latest resource prospects as well as analyzing all sorts of geological data. His travel endeavors were informed by his stand point of seeing to know exactly what is happening.

Mr. Badiali has acquired the ability to identify red flags and great investment opportunities. He goes on to give his huge online following insights on sound investments. He combines his experience as a geologist with his vast training as an investor to give people great investment insights through Banyan Hill. He has been publishing his research on Banyan Hill since he joined the company. In 2017, Matt Badiali unveiled his newsletter named Real Wealth Strategist with Banyan Hill.

The financial analyst has sound understanding of gold as well as other commodities. Matt Badiali was quoted saying that drillers hold the key to future gold prices. He has a distinctive perspective on the gold mining industry. Gold investors are in a position to reap huge returns as compared to investors in other sectors. The investors often receive windfalls owing to the fact that there are massive gains when there is a slight upward price movement. The gold mining industry has improved over the recent years.

OSI Group: Achieving World-Class Excellence

The OSI Group has been on an all-time high in terms of services offered to the world. As a pacesetter in the industry, their efforts were recognized by British Safety Council. The OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded the highly coveted Globe of Honor Award 2016.

This award was in recognition of the exemplary management of the environmental risks. The presentation of this award was at the Drapers’ Hall in London. This was a major accomplishment for the OSI Group McDonaldds which was among the 18 firms across the world who was recognized.

The criteria for this award was for the firms which had shown efforts when it comes to environmental management. The procedure for contending for the prestigious award was the achievement of the maximum five stars contained in the British Safety Council management audit scheme.

The OSI Group McDonalds also went through a panel of experts where they showed their practices of environmental management in the business operations. This cut across from the top level management to the employees.

The firm has its production centers in Scunthorpe in the U.K with over three decades of operation. The firm deals in the line of pork and beef products for the restaurant industry. Previously, the firm also picked up the same Globe of Honor in the year 2013 and 2015.

The OSI Group McDonalds has been on a roll especially with their acquisition plans for Baho Food. Baho Food is a Dutch manufacturer who deals in the food line of business with a focus on deli meats, and snacks which serve the service and retail centers. However, the details on the financial terms remain closed.

The firms are set to benefit from each other given the strong portfolio and presence of the OSI Group McDonalds. This move is seen to feed into the growth plans of the OSI Group McDonalds who are set on serving the evolving needs of the customers.

The Baho firm has five subsidiaries inclusive of processing plants within Germany and the Netherlands. Both combined, the firms have presence and customers in 18 European countries.