Agera Energy: What You Should Know

Agera Energy is a company committed to providing its clients with the right guidance and pieces of advice. It educates and also empowers its clients to make the most accurate energy decisions. To them, it is all about kilowatts hours as well as therms. The company has the ambition of bringing a change when it comes to issues to do with the energy supply. Read more at about Agera Energy.

Energy is extremely important to any person. Besides being typical to any homeowner, it is also a top line-item to several businesses. The founders realized that the previous suppliers failed to treat their customers in the right manner. They realized that there is actually an opportunity to be different. Therefore, they founded a company that is not only committed to serving their clients but also doing it in a different manner. Agera Energy treats its customers with the seriousness they deserve. They know that it is their responsibility to provide their customers with quality and right services. This is actually where and how the difference begins. Watch this video about Agera Energy on Youtube.


The history and achievements of Agera

Agera Energy was started in the year 2014. During the first month of the year, there was a severe winter that turned the budget of their retail suppliers as well as customers upside down. In other words, the company started when the demand for power was extremely high. Customers were in need of guidance, protection, and change. The good thing was that Agera Energy had the capability of providing their customers with all these.

Some of the Energy suppliers, who were there at that time, did not have the capability of providing their clients with adequate help because of financial challenges, poor governance, and many other issues. In other words, the industry experienced several changes now that many suppliers were going out of the market. Agera Energy dove-in with full force. They had the ability and enthusiasm to serve the customers.

The company acquired many new customers. It was able to train and send a large sales team to the market place not only to make direct sales but also to find out and understand what their customers really wanted. Direct interaction with the customers helped them know what the actual needs of the customers are.


Roseann Bennett Suggests Taking Care of Mental Health As a Priority

The level of importance applied to physical health should also be given to mental health. The flu requires rest meaning you cannot work and your coworkers appreciate you not bringing the contagious illness into them. There are those who believe it is a personal weakness to be mentally ill. Jobs will be completed more efficiently if everyone begins looking at mental health the same way as physical health. Mental Health Days can be beneficial to companies.

Improved Focus

It can be difficult to focus on your work if distractions in your life are disrupting your mental health. Taking time off to deal with the things that are preventing you from focusing is the best thing to do for yourself and your job. Overall functioning will improve once you have cleared your mind by allowing all of your focus to go to the distractions. Work, sleep and concentration will improve.

See A Specialist

Long breaks for lunch are not enough time to have a mental health visit. These appointments deserve the same respect as visits to your general health care provider. Take enough time off to ensure you take care of your needs comfortably whether it is having medication checked or seeing a therapist. A single day to take care of mental health will prevent extended leaves later when the problems are no longer manageable.


The body and mind need to be recharged just like electronics. Take an occasional day to relax because when stress is high it can make you both physically and mentally ill. Your attendance at work will be better when you take a day for yourself because you will not become sick as easily. Productivity is also increased when you take a day for yourself and forget your worries.

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Rebel Wilson Celebrates her 39th Birthday in Beverly Hills

On March 2nd, Rebel Wilson celebrated her 39th birthday in a more innovative way. She posted lots of videos and pictures on her Instagram cake baking classes and doing exercises with other actresses. Rebel Wilson is working on an upcoming movie Cats as the Star.

She shared dance moves in her social media that she had learned in the movie shooting rehearsal. Being a Cat Movie, Wilson and her friends wore cat costumes in the performance that was a fun way to celebrate her birthday. She said that her friends threw her a birthday party in Beverly Hills that all ended up well with the unique exercises.

Rebel Wilsons shared praise status on her Instagram wall on the best way to work on summer through the exercises. In addition, she made her own birthday cake while at the baking class which they all celebrated with her friends at her place.

Recently the Hollywood star posted a picture with the other Cats Movie cast on stage that was incredible according to Wilson. In the movie Rebel Wilson will act alongside other icons such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Alive Idris Elba, Judi Dench among others. According to the actress, she acknowledges Taylor Swift as creating a unique vibe in the movie in its adaptation. Taylor Swift recently surprised her co-actors in Cats Cast with gifts in one of the stage events.

The Cats starring is an Australian born and raised comedy actress. She has gone through successful transformations in her career in Hollywood by bringing out her vibrant comedic act into the scenes. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Throughout her career, Rebel Wilson has featured in numerous eye catching films such as Isn’t It Romantic, Pitch Perfect, How to Be Single, Bridesmaid and Pizza to mention a few. She has acted with other famous actors in the Hollywood industry. Despite receiving a lot of critics due to her mischief acts she has been able to make her way to fame successfully. Wilsons has had so much praise from her fans who have constantly supported her through her journey in acting.

In her journey she has garnered numerous awards such as; The Best Actress Tropfest Award in 2009, Best Ensemble by Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association in 2011, Best Breakthrough and Best Musical Moment in Pitch Perfect by Performance by MTV Awards in 2012 among others.

She is also the owner of a fashion brand Torrid that was opened to sell clothes for plus size women across the world. Wilsons does not only dwell in acting but is also enthusiastic in working in other fields. Rebel Wilson has been working in charity organizations besides working as an actress. She supports young talent and giving back to the community.

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The Effective Leadership Of Mike Nierenberg

One of the most important factors when it comes to making a company or business achieve success is called leadership. It is the process and act of knowing how to influence others. A good leader is someone who knows how to delegate tasks and through leadership, the people within the organization will remain motivated, do the assigned tasks without hesitation and will complete the tasks within the given time.

Mike Nierenberg stated that his company would be nothing without its well-trained employees and good management. He has established a good leadership team that has an in-depth knowledge of the residential market and because of the experiences and expertise of the whole team.

The Growth Of a Company

Selecting the most suitable type of real estate investment trust is crucial especially when there are a lot of different options in the industry. Choose a type of REIT that you feel is best for you and your lifestyle. Mike Nierenberg’s company, New Residential Investment Corp., focuses on easy to understand and to use management of investments that are associated with residential real estate. It is a publicly traded real estate investment trust which makes the process of decision-making a lot easier for you. The main objective of the company is simple and that is to leverage investment expertise, to gain strong dividends and more investors.

The company of Mike Nierenberg is known on the New York Stock Exchange as NRZ. According to him, they maintain their goals by paying particular attention to strong risk-adjusted returns, assets that are stable and steady, and cash flows that are beneficial in the long run. New Residential Investment Corp. targets all the factors that are necessary for success and investment opportunities.

Mike Nierenberg is an example of an effective leader since he is known for transforming ideas into reality and for molding his employees into the best version of themselves. The right leadership can be felt throughout the whole company which is why the culture and work environment develops as the days go by. The leaders and employees of the entire organization must be applying the mission, vision, and goals each day.

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Neurocore Seeks Alternative Solutions to Improving the Mind

Neurofeedback technology has altered the field of neuroscience considerably. As better ways of mapping the mind are created more effective treatments are being invented, among them the brain performance centers of Neurocore. Founded in 2004 by Dr. Tim Royer the company seeks to find alternative ways to fight common mental conditions. The Florida-based company has expanded to six treatment centers and offers two kinds of treatment options for clients: neurofeedback and biofeedback. Neurofeedback seeks to improve the brains natural electric impulses whereas biofeedback attempts to optimize respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Neurocore uses cutting-edge mental conditioning and neurological therapy to find non-invasive solutions to commonly reoccurring mental disorders. Neurocore’s approach is to better understand a client’s mind using questionnaires and qEEG technology. Once mapped, Neurocore technicians collect data and create a format of activities and exercises designed to build up the brain. The idea is to strengthen the mind so it can better fight whatever condition is affecting it. Neurocore also offers its treatment to individuals seeking to optimize their minds. It even hosts memory boot camps to aid clients in building focus and acuity.

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The RealReal Redefining How We Consignment Shop

The RealReal, founded in 2011 by Julie Wainwright, is a luxury consignment start-up application with two storefronts in New York City and West Hollywood. The founder, Julie Wainwright, has a robust history in the tech industry with over 20 years of experience. The e-commerce consignment start-up has had one of the biggest track records of growth and shifts in the retail industry in the last few years. Sites like The RealReal are becoming the new go-to for fashionistas, savvy shoppers and buying resale is basically the new black. The consignment shop is focused on sustainability, authenticity and the life cycle for luxury items.

Shoppers are sharper than ever opting for secondhand buys over the brand new. Online retailers make it easier and easier to buy, rent, purchase, subscribe and resell items than ever before. Along with this, consumers preferences have changed. The option to buy and resell later creates new life cycles for luxury or vintage items and gives them new life every time they resell.

The resale industry reportedly grew 49% in term of “industry disruptors” from 2017-2018, moving out its closest competitor by +40% and completely demolishing all apparel retail by 24x faster. The number is only looking to continue to grow in the upcoming years as the resale market is expected to hit $41 billion by 2022.

The RealReal is ultimately redefining resale. There are around 25,000 “new with tags” items on the site. While brands have not disclosed working with The RealReal, off-loading unsold off season items is not unheard of. Big names like Gucci, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga have revealed they have done some collaborating with The RealReal in the past.

The demise of brick-and-mortar stores like H&M and Forever21 may be imminent because of how the industry is moving. The idea of giving items new life by giving items new homes is sustainable and has a massive environmental impact. The eco-conscious millennial consumers are keeping this alive and company’s like The RealReal are allowing us to shop like never before.

Sussex Healthcare Celebrated 25 Years of Progress – How Dr. Shafik Sachedina Contributed to It

Sussex Healthcare is a group of care homes and related services that offers its solutions in the East and West Sussex regions of the United Kingdom.

Founded in 1995 by dental surgeon Dr. Shafik Sachedina and hospitality expert Shiraz Boghani, the organization has developed to become a model solution in terms of care homes, assisted living and residential care.

Sussex Healthcare specializes in providing care solutions for elders, those suffering from dementia or other neurological diseases, as well as for people with profound and multiple learning disorders (PMLD).

Under the leadership of Dr. Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani, the organization has expanded quite impressively in the past 25 years of its operations. It currently provides its services across multiple locations, with an array of care homes that specialize in providing focused care services for those who live with the aforementioned conditions. Connect with Shafik Sachedina by visiting his linkedin account

How Dr. Shafik Sachedina Contributed to the Success of Sussex Healthcare

As a respected dental surgeon with over 40 years of experience in his field, Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a renowned name in the healthcare industry.

After he graduated from Guy’s Hospital Dental School in 1975, Dr. Sachedina went on to join the London Dental School to specialize in the field of dentistry and earn his expertise as a dental surgeon. From there, he went on to join an array of well-known health institutions, and carved a niche for himself in the field of dentistry.

With that, Dr. Sachedina had also continued on his efforts to bring specialized healthcare and assisted living solutions more accessible to those who needed these solutions. While it had not been his field of focus according to the letters on his degree, he made it a point to learn about the nitty-gritty of the sector to achieve this goal.

That was how he co-founded Sussex Healthcare. From there, he continued using his experience and network in healthcare to ensure that the people who were enrolling in the group of care homes provided by the organization got the best care solutions possible.

With this goal in mind, Dr. Shafik Sachedina brought along a team on board from the healthcare industry that was focused on the same objective as him and Shiraz Boghani. With extensive and collective efforts, Dr. Sachedina and Boghani were able to bring Sussex Healthcare to the heights of success that it has now reached.

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Isabel dos Santos View on Modern Technology Diversity

Isabel dos Santos is the wealthiest woman in Africa with a net worth of more than two billion US dollars. She comes from a wealthy family of Jose dos Santos, the former president of Angola. Isabel has studied Electrical engineering. She has also worked in various organizations in the European stock exchange market list. She is always hardworking hence she worked the way up to earn her wealthy holding top positions in many organizations. When Isabel dos Santos returned to London, she joined her father’s business where she has overseen completion and successes of many projects as the project engineer.

Isabel dos Santos unlike other wealthy people who forget to invest in their home place; she has spent much money in Africa to help Africans by raising their living standards. She has created many job opportunities to improve the economy. Recently, Dos Santos was present at the European Parliament where she spoke on behalf of the Africans. Isabel dos Santos discussed on the emerging technology development in Africa.

Isabel dos Santos explained how it’s essential to apply the future technology should be used to improve and promote the growth of the African economy. With modern technology more business sectors will be established with Banking and agriculture being among them. According to Isabel dos Santos its no use to invest in adopting advanced technology if Africans have no knowledge and skills of how to apply it and become digital. She has started education programs to equip interested parties with the knowledge needed to use modern technology in their businesses (Alivenewspaper).

Isabel dos Santos is the chairwoman of a prominent organization Unitel that’s the leading mobile operator all over Angola. This year, Isabel dos Santos was invited as the guest of honor to speak during the African Summit; she stated categorically that having passed the mobile revolution the next will be making whole Africa digital. Isabel dos Santos has a plan and desire to create e-commerce and create digital banks to ensure that Africans can bank money using digital platform which is convenient.

Isabel dos Santos advises Africans to be united and support the implementation process of adopting modern technology.

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Towards Dr. Saad Saad’s Journey to Success

Born in Palestine, Dr. Saad has been a successful pediatric surgeon where he has operated on very many patients within Palestine and abroad. In a recent interview, he talked about the various life lessons that he followed to give him the massive success he has now.

His accomplishments in life were not only gained because of his career in the medical health world, but also becoming enthusiastic in his life. Some of the two lessons learned from Dr. Saad Saad were.

Accepting Nothing but Success

According to Dr. Saad, he had a difficult child hood during their transitional period from Palestine to Westbank. His parents had to relocate where reuniting with his father was enormously difficult. Palestine was undergoing changes by that time so as the oil was discovered in the middle east, his father got a job of working as a mechanic.

Due to the high demand of petroleum in middle east and other foreign markets, Dr. Saad had to move with his family to Kuwait where most of his childhood revolved. Due to the hard life they had faced, his father kept ion reminding him of having a higher education and having knowledge to become somebody in this life. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

In Kuwait, they visited a construction site one day where the temperatures affected his medical health. since it a country characterized by very high temperatures in the summers, he was affected by heat stroke. Dr. Saad realized that he could not work outdoors or spend much time in excess heat.

He realized that the operating rooms were the only places that had fresh air conditions and therefore wanted to become a pediatric surgeon. Surprisingly, the experience made3 him pursue his career in the medical world. His father always encouraged him in the pursuit of his goals until he completed his studies. According to Dr. Saad, any person can rise from dust to glory with a determination behind.

Accomplishing Goals When you can

The US based pediatric surgeon set his mind to join the US Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon after moving to USA. since gaining such a title was very rare within that time, he enhanced hi education through pursuing higher learning. In the 1980s he successfully joined the board fluent in two international languages.

Due to the fluency in both English and Arabic he gained prestigious jobs such as the working for the Saudi Royal family. He conducted complex surgeries in children in Saudi Arabia for several years and returned back to the USA. Since then he has conducted thousands of surgeries among children and came up with several new procedures to enhance his career.

He has saved thousands of lives throughout his career and philanthropy missions in Palestine for giving back to the community. In the interview, Dr. Saad talked about the importance of accomplishing task without having to wait from tomorrow. he followed this rule which has made him gain the success he has now.

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The Inspiring Beginnings of Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Business

Richard Liu Qiangong is the CEO and founder of China’s leading e-commerce company named Valued at an estimated $12 billion dollars since early 2018, Richard Liu’s success story makes him a young entrepreneurial prodigy. Richard Liu’s business smarts, flexibility and intuition have transformed successfully into an empire that currently serves over 100 million customers. employs cutting-edge technology to revolutionize new solutions for a worldwide economic environment.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was born in the town of Suqian located in China’s Jiangsu Providence. His upbringing was normal of many families in the region. His coal-shipping parents taught the value of hard work, a good education, and inspired their son to succeed in all pursuits. Richard Liu enrolled in the Sociology program at The People’s University of China where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree immediately following his primary and secondary school education. Despite focusing on his chosen major, he began to realize the importance of increasing his boundaries for the sake of becoming a competitive candidate for upcoming job offers. Richard Liu Qiangdong committed to self-study centered on computer science and learned himself computer coding.

Richard Liu graduated in 1996 with a degree in sociology from the famed Renmun University of China, however focusing most of his time as a student sharpening his computer programming skills via freelance coding work. After earning his degree, Liu followed up with an EMBA from the China Europe International Business School. Japan Life, a health product company, hired Richard Liu after graduation. He held a variety of numerous roles during his two year tenure to include director for business and director for computers.

Richard Liu Qiangdong ventured out on his own in 1998, opening a magneto-optical products shop in Beijing, calling it Jingdong. He had expanded to 12 stores by 2003, but an outbreak of SARS caused both staff and customers to stay house-bound threatening the future of Jingdong. The outbreak forced Richard Liu to rethink his physical storefront business design and in 2004 was created. The following year, he shut down all of his stores to concentrate on e-commerce, where he started selling innumerable quantities of quality consumer goods together with electronics.

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