Sharon Prince’s Grace Farms wins an award

Grace Farms was constructed by Tokyo-based architectural firm SANAA and honored with the 2014/2015 Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize for outstanding achievement in top-notch architectural feats. This award rewards only the best in architectural mastery from North and South America. The $50,000 that was won by the company SANAA will be utilized for the sake of research and publication.

This public space is one many can truly enjoy, regardless of the various walks of life and backgrounds. SANAA outdid themselves for matching the vision Sharon Prince had and continues to have for Grace Farms.

Since the year 2015, Grace Farms has become calmer and livelier. The building is known as The River and it works to bring people closer to nature in addition to everything else the public space has to offer. The first six months has already seen a whopping 50,000 people attending the various tours, dinners, lectures and many other activities that have been offered within the public space.

The creation of Grace Farms was quite influenced by the artist Mies who shares his name with the award based on his architectural prowess and technique. Apart from Grace Farms, there were many other finalists from across South America and North America. In the end though, Grace Farms was selected as the undisputed winner that judges undoubtedly agreed made its name known due to the flawless attention to detail where the landscape goes and the entire architectural direction Grace Farms was taken in when it was being constructed.

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