Luke Lazarus: Melbourne’s Business Guru

Luke Lazarus is a consultant for entrepreneurial startups in Melbourne, Australia. He has a consistent and steady record of successful endeavors in the field over the last 20 years.

Luke earned his MBA from Melbourne Business School at the ripe young age of only 24, and managed to start and sell four separate firms before the age of 33. He now brings that experience to bear for other companies having trouble reaching their business goals and moving forward.

Lazarus breaks down his approach to success into distinct and well-defined steps. The first step of any venture is to create a business plan. You have to define what your company is going to be, what it is going to do, and what the financials for those things look like. This is essential if you want anyone to invest in your startup. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

Once you have defined your vision, you want to present it to investors. You want to establish a clear story that investors can follow, and hopefully find compelling.

This combined with an understanding of your business and what it does will have a high chance of yielding results. Once all of your plans and funding is in order —you’re ready to go to market! Lazarus helps clients during this stage to nail down timelines, budgets, and get their marketing strategy lined out.

After all of that comes the real fun: making money! Lazarus assists his clients with proper market projections and attaining proper profitability. Monitoring cash-flow in a business is vital to the success of a startup. You want to make sure that the company remains consistent and lines up with the original plans you set out.

Once everything is going smoothly and the business is profitable, it’s time to start looking towards ways to improve. In today’s world, a business that doesn’t grow with the times will find itself losing to more innovative competition.

Luke Lazarus has plenty of experience in this regard, and is able to help businesses to make all sorts of operational improvements by using his experience to properly assess and point out problems and issues with the proper development of a businesses. If you manage to continually improve your business after achieving your initial goals you set out for, then the sky truly is the limit. Your growth and prosperity will only be limited by your ability to innovate.

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