Article Title: Steve Ritchie, Ceo Of Your Favorite Pizza Papa Johns

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The world’s third largest pizza delivery company has got a CEO who knows how to make smart moves towards improving the image of the pizza company which was losing its popularity for some reasons. Steve Ritchie had really proved himself worthy of his new position as a CEO that he earned in over two decades.

Very recently, Steve Ritchie wrote a letter to his customers which proved to be little support to the company’s stumbling position. In his letter, he cleared his views and the values of the company. He mentions that Papa John’s respects the sentiments of its customers and employees all over the world and has always intended to bring about the most friendly and blissful environment for both.

Steve Ritchie is fully aware of the fact that the company is based on over one lac people belonging to different cultural and racial backgrounds, and so do their customers. The employees and customers are of utmost importance for the company, and he will never compromise their sentiments and loyalty for any reason. So, he has pledged to improve the environment for all his people at Papa John’s. He promises to hire experts for this task who will make sure that the cultural and racial beliefs of all the people coming at Papa John’s are respected and preserved. He also made it clear that no one carried the right to hurt anyone.

He promised to supervise this effort himself and tried his best to gain the trust of his customers and franchisers. This act must be appreciated because this has led to the opening of new horizons of options for the company. Steve Ritchie has successfully tried to engage the employees towards the betterment of the company.

He aims to improve the company in terms of hospitality, empathy towards workers alongside boasting as the company known for best spices and delicious taste. From his letter, he tried to convey a message to his readers that show his accountability, responsible behavior and a determination to make his company well trusted and loved all over the world.

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