Jeremy Goldstein’s Lasting Client Relationships

The life of a modern day lawyer is one that is full of tedious workloads, but the human relationships formed make the job completely worth it. Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who applies traditional methods in a modern world. As the co-founder of the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates law firm, he receives new cases all throughout the year. He and his team specialize in business disputes that could revolve around anything from CEO advising to compensation issues. As someone who has been representing business clients for decades, Jeremy Goldstein has a lot of experience about how the modern business industry. In a recent Ideamensch interview, Jeremy Goldstein took a moment to reflect on his career up to this point.


The gateway into the lawyer business is not an easy threshold to cross. Jeremy Goldstein started from the bottom by first earning his B.A. from Cornell University. He then wasted no time in acquiring his M.A. from New York University. The final piece of his education came in the form of a J.D. at New York University. Once he had all the academic credentials covered, Jeremy Goldstein realized that making a name for himself was going to be difficult. He struggled in client outreach, and as such stumbled around a lot in his early years. However, the times were rapidly changing in the business industry.


It was nearly a decade ago when businesses realized that conflicts of interest were unacceptable. This resulted a massive internal restructuring of countless businesses around the land. Jeremy Goldstein stood at the edge of this change and realized this was void he was looking for. As an outsider, he could provide the level of unbiased representation that these businesses were looking for. Currently in the present day, he has seen more sides of a business than he ever imagined. He firmly believes that there it not a case he can’t handle.


The secret to Jeremy Goldstein’s long lasting law career is how he connects with each client that walks into the office. He keeps the line of communication open at all times. During sessions with the client he likes to get to know them as people, not the businessman. Jeremy Goldstein believes this approach yields the greatest level of advice. At the end of the day, he is lucky to have a loyal client base. His reputation for winning cases has spread far and wide.


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