Matthew Fleeger, Multi Talented Business Sense

Matthew Fleeger is a talented CEO and entrepreneur who has developed an expertise that is diverse and varied because of his experience as a business man over the years. He is the president of Gulf Coast Western and is a grandfather of the oil industry in general when it comes to his business which is located in Texas. Some of the other sectors that he attained enlightenment in is the tanning industry which he holds two successful businesses in and the medical waste management industry. These are good attributes that give Matthew Fleeger an air of leadership material, but where he remains to glow the most in is in the oil and gas industry. Ever since he became the CEO of Gulf Coast Western he made the business grow exponentially due to his exceptional leader ship skills and attributes. He is a multitalented entrepreneur and holds good and steadfast values like resourcefulness, adaptability, and the ability to keep an open mind. Matthew Fleeger is also known for surrounding himself with the best in his league in order to further expand his businesses and grow as a person. While going for his bachelors degree he developed a passion for business thus the seeds of growth began. Ever since his acquirement of his bachelors degree he spent eight years in the family business in order to hone and sharpen his skills as an entrepreneur. This business that he worked at for eight years was called Gulf Coast Western because it was founded by his father. It was during this time that he gathered the necessary tools to become an effective and efficient leader. Other business ventures that Matthew Fleeger became involved in included Medsolutions which was a distribution company that handled medical waste in order to dispose of it safely and efficiently.

Things you need to know about U.S. Money Reserve

As a leading vendor of precious metals, U.S. Reserve has enabled many people across the globe venture into entrepreneurship. Though the wide range of precious metals that the firm offers to clients, a vast number of individuals have successfully purchased and invested in them.

The officials of the U.S. Money Reserve company believe that precious metals are a significant way that an individual can invest and acquire great profits. They also insist that the metals are a safe way for everyone to try out as their assets are always protected and cannot be sold to any other individual.

Customer orientation and value is a guiding principle that has guided the success of the U.S. Money Reserve. The entire team always places their clients first in everything they do. The unity that they maintain among themselves has enabled them to identify the loyal clients of the firm to keep encouraging them to come back for more services and products offered in the firm. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | Biz Journals

Besides, the U.S. Reserve has also been marked by great executives that do not misuse their leadership positions. Each of the highly ranked executives always strives to address all the issues that the employees and customers go through.

Based on the discoveries made in the company, a vast number of individuals have gained their trust form the feedback they read online about the U.S. Money Reserve. As a result, they have continued to invest with the venture and a vast number of them continue to reap the benefits of their investments over time.

Quality is also a great focus of the well-known U.S. Money Reserve venture. The officials involved in handling the precious metals of the firm have also always stayed alert to ensure that nobody interferes with their quality. Every individual in the firm is always focused on bringing the best in the venture and ensuring that every client lives happy and contented with the services that they receive.

Additionally, U.S. Reserve and its team are also over responsive and they always over deliver more than their clients expect. Whenever any issue occurs in the running of the firm, the entire team still works together to address it within the shortest time possible and they always do it perfectly to leave everyone happy and contented.

The outstanding efforts and results that they have continued to achieve have maintained the great name of the U.S. Money Reserve.

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Article Title: Vijay Eswaran – a Malaysian Multi Millionaire

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Dato Vijay Eswaran, is a well respected entrepreneur, international speaker, and philanthropist. He is the Executive Chairman of Quest International(QI) GROUP, an international business conglomerate offering distinct levels of Business Services to global markets in more than 120 countries around the world. Vijay Eswaran’s humble beginnings as a taxi driver and he is now considered the wealthiest businessman in Asia with a reported net worth upwards of $500 million in 2018. Eswaran has earned countless awards, recognition and honors (such as the Lifetime Achievement Award for Global Entrepreneurship in 2016) for his business acumen and his keen awareness of the human and social implications involved with cultivating successful international business partnerships.

The QI group conglomerate has distinct business ventures that operate from regional offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Their customer base is measured at over 5 million people in over twelve countries. The QI Group business lines include E-Commerce and Direct Selling, Lifestyle and Leisure, Swiss Luxury Watches, Education and Training, Property Management and Development, and Logistics.

One of the most popular ventures of the QI Group is the Education and Training business line which created QIUP University. Formulated in April 2011, the Quest International University of Perak (QIUP) was created as a result of a partnership between the QI Group and the Perak State Government in Malaysia. The University offers a unique, research – driven curriculum that focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to advance business partnership, and to cultivate global strategic links.

The QI group offers another educational opportunity through its Ecommerce and Direct Selling business line, QNET. The Swiss E-Learning University provides an online education platform that enable students to enroll in a variety of online business management courses such as the Art of Management, Project Management, Performance Management, Presentation and Communication, and Entrepreneurship. Additionally, the Swiss E-learning Institute offers a Mini MBA Program which give students the opportunity to study the nuances and best practices of executive level management such as Corporate and Social Responsibility, Marketing, Contextual Ethics, Managing Human Capital, navigating the Complexities of the Legal Environment, and much more.

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Article Title: Sujit Choudhry: Keeping an Ear on the Ground

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Sujit Choudhry has been recognized as one of the most knowledgable experts in comparative constitutional law and politics. One only needs to look at his plethora of experience to understand his level of expertise in the subject. Sujit Choudhry was the law dean at the University of California, Berkeley, and in fact currently holds the position of I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at that same university. One of his focal areas of research is in the use of constitutional design to hold peaceful transitions of democracy after violent conflict. As one of the leading figures in comparative constitutional law, Sujit Choudhry is often sought after by the United Nations for council on foreign matters. We recently saw down with Mr.Choudhry to go a little more in-depth about his career and life.

Where did your ideas for your organizations come from?

Sujit Choudhry states that although he’s spent many years working with various governments in writing and amending new constitutions, the fact is that there are still many questions that have not been answered and advice that has gone unchecked. Centers such as the Center for Constitutional Transitions allows the chance to find answers to these questions and provide evidence-based policies.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Waking up early and reading as much as I can to find out what is happening in the world is amongst the first things I do in the morning, says Sujit Choudhry. Mr.Choudhry then turns to his computer where he goes over his emails and aids in any way he can with the various research projects that he oversees. Being able to communicate with these people around the country is the coordinating and driving force these projects need.

How do you bring your ideas to life?

Mr.Choudhry explains that much of the ideas for his designs come from the research being down in the field. This allows Mr.Choudhry to have a sense of what is practical and grounded in facts. Lastly, is the use of various example from across the globe to convey the importance and effectiveness of an idea.

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Pharmaceutical Expert Carsten Thiel on his Success in Biopharmacy

Carsten Thiel is a renowned pharmacist globally and is popular for his extensive work and achievements in the pharmaceutical industry. He was born and raised in Germany, studying chemistry in Malbrook.

Educational Background

Carsten Thiel’s desire to be part of the Anglo-Saxon education system led him to enroll in a school in the United Kingdom. Subsequently, he received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Bristol. Specializing in biochemistry, Carsten decided to enroll at Max Planck Institute where he graduated with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. He carried out extensive research on the involvement of the protein in the transitions of healthy cells into those that were carcinogenic.

Career Milestones

Carsten Thiel’s skills and knowledge came in handy after graduation. He was immediately hired by Hofman La-Roche, a reputed Biotechnology company. Carsten Thiel’s problem-solving skills enabled him to rise through the ranks in the firm where he initially joined as a Communications Product Manager. Thereafter, Carsten was given more responsibility in the running of the company in the department of market assessment and scientific marketing.

Indeed, Carsten Thiel’s vast wealth of experience has seen him work as the General Manager of Insadong Easter Europe as well as in other firms. He has been at the forefront in launching new products in the companies he worked for and spearheaded innovation in the pharmaceutical department. Carsten has proven to be a successful leader in his carer path, with a firm belief that humanity and ethics should be included in the workplace. Such virtues have played a critical role in setting him on the path to success.

Bringing Ideas into Life

Carsten Theil has utilized various techniques to make his ideas a reality. One of his main emphasis is teamwork. Over the years, Carsten Theil has understood the importance of collaboration among team members towards achieving a common goal. He used his leadership position at the company to bring several employees together in launching several high profile products.

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Jeremy Goldstein’s Lasting Client Relationships

The life of a modern day lawyer is one that is full of tedious workloads, but the human relationships formed make the job completely worth it. Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who applies traditional methods in a modern world. As the co-founder of the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates law firm, he receives new cases all throughout the year. He and his team specialize in business disputes that could revolve around anything from CEO advising to compensation issues. As someone who has been representing business clients for decades, Jeremy Goldstein has a lot of experience about how the modern business industry. In a recent Ideamensch interview, Jeremy Goldstein took a moment to reflect on his career up to this point.


The gateway into the lawyer business is not an easy threshold to cross. Jeremy Goldstein started from the bottom by first earning his B.A. from Cornell University. He then wasted no time in acquiring his M.A. from New York University. The final piece of his education came in the form of a J.D. at New York University. Once he had all the academic credentials covered, Jeremy Goldstein realized that making a name for himself was going to be difficult. He struggled in client outreach, and as such stumbled around a lot in his early years. However, the times were rapidly changing in the business industry.


It was nearly a decade ago when businesses realized that conflicts of interest were unacceptable. This resulted a massive internal restructuring of countless businesses around the land. Jeremy Goldstein stood at the edge of this change and realized this was void he was looking for. As an outsider, he could provide the level of unbiased representation that these businesses were looking for. Currently in the present day, he has seen more sides of a business than he ever imagined. He firmly believes that there it not a case he can’t handle.


The secret to Jeremy Goldstein’s long lasting law career is how he connects with each client that walks into the office. He keeps the line of communication open at all times. During sessions with the client he likes to get to know them as people, not the businessman. Jeremy Goldstein believes this approach yields the greatest level of advice. At the end of the day, he is lucky to have a loyal client base. His reputation for winning cases has spread far and wide.


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Sheldon Lavin – An Innovator in World Food Production

Sheldon Lavin is the longtime CEO of the OSI Group, an association of companies dedicated to food production. The company has seen a large increase in growth under the leadership of Mr. Lavin and this is due to his commitment to sustainable food production. From the mid-1970s, Sheldon Lavin has built up company revenues using cutting edge technology and sustainable food production methodologies.

It is thanks to Mr. Lavin’s efforts that today, OSI Group is a leading world food producers. It is a highly significant achievement for a company that had its beginnings as a local neighborhood butcher shop in Chicago. The company began its huge growth scale when it became the primary supplier of McDonald’s in the American Midwest. Since then, it is Sheldon Lavin who has instigated and managed continual growth for the company.

Today, Lavin continues to guide the OSI Group towards innovation and adaptation to new strategies. The purpose is to increase the efficiency of food production while at the same time decrease the environmental footprint of food production. The current core purpose of Sheldon Lavin is to create sustainability. He does this by developing technological strategies and innovations that reduce the company’s footprint.

As a result Lavin has received several awards including the North American Meat Institute’s environmental award and the Global Visionary Award. Lavin has had a long and very rewarding career with OSI. Today, Sheldon Lavin sits as the company’s Chairman and CEO.

The Growth of OSI

Today OSI is a very large company with more than 20,000 employees worldwide. There are more than 65 facilities in 17 countries and it is considered the 58th largest private company with a net worth of over $6 billion. It was thanks to innovations that allowed the company to supply the needs of McDonalds and thanks to breakthrough technology of liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing that offered so much opportunity for the company.

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Article Title: Steve Ritchie, Ceo Of Your Favorite Pizza Papa Johns

Article Text:

The world’s third largest pizza delivery company has got a CEO who knows how to make smart moves towards improving the image of the pizza company which was losing its popularity for some reasons. Steve Ritchie had really proved himself worthy of his new position as a CEO that he earned in over two decades.

Very recently, Steve Ritchie wrote a letter to his customers which proved to be little support to the company’s stumbling position. In his letter, he cleared his views and the values of the company. He mentions that Papa John’s respects the sentiments of its customers and employees all over the world and has always intended to bring about the most friendly and blissful environment for both.

Steve Ritchie is fully aware of the fact that the company is based on over one lac people belonging to different cultural and racial backgrounds, and so do their customers. The employees and customers are of utmost importance for the company, and he will never compromise their sentiments and loyalty for any reason. So, he has pledged to improve the environment for all his people at Papa John’s. He promises to hire experts for this task who will make sure that the cultural and racial beliefs of all the people coming at Papa John’s are respected and preserved. He also made it clear that no one carried the right to hurt anyone.

He promised to supervise this effort himself and tried his best to gain the trust of his customers and franchisers. This act must be appreciated because this has led to the opening of new horizons of options for the company. Steve Ritchie has successfully tried to engage the employees towards the betterment of the company.

He aims to improve the company in terms of hospitality, empathy towards workers alongside boasting as the company known for best spices and delicious taste. From his letter, he tried to convey a message to his readers that show his accountability, responsible behavior and a determination to make his company well trusted and loved all over the world.

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Luke Lazarus: Melbourne’s Business Guru

Luke Lazarus is a consultant for entrepreneurial startups in Melbourne, Australia. He has a consistent and steady record of successful endeavors in the field over the last 20 years.

Luke earned his MBA from Melbourne Business School at the ripe young age of only 24, and managed to start and sell four separate firms before the age of 33. He now brings that experience to bear for other companies having trouble reaching their business goals and moving forward.

Lazarus breaks down his approach to success into distinct and well-defined steps. The first step of any venture is to create a business plan. You have to define what your company is going to be, what it is going to do, and what the financials for those things look like. This is essential if you want anyone to invest in your startup. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

Once you have defined your vision, you want to present it to investors. You want to establish a clear story that investors can follow, and hopefully find compelling.

This combined with an understanding of your business and what it does will have a high chance of yielding results. Once all of your plans and funding is in order —you’re ready to go to market! Lazarus helps clients during this stage to nail down timelines, budgets, and get their marketing strategy lined out.

After all of that comes the real fun: making money! Lazarus assists his clients with proper market projections and attaining proper profitability. Monitoring cash-flow in a business is vital to the success of a startup. You want to make sure that the company remains consistent and lines up with the original plans you set out.

Once everything is going smoothly and the business is profitable, it’s time to start looking towards ways to improve. In today’s world, a business that doesn’t grow with the times will find itself losing to more innovative competition.

Luke Lazarus has plenty of experience in this regard, and is able to help businesses to make all sorts of operational improvements by using his experience to properly assess and point out problems and issues with the proper development of a businesses. If you manage to continually improve your business after achieving your initial goals you set out for, then the sky truly is the limit. Your growth and prosperity will only be limited by your ability to innovate.

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Go Green With These Two New Flavors From EOS Lip Balm

EOS has officially gone green. Well, kind of. The popular cosmetic brand, known for their lip balms just released two new flavors. Happy Herb and Baked Brownie lip balms were introduced to the market on April 18 as a micro-batch. The new flavors feature cannabis sativa hemp oil in honor of 4/20.

It’s all about the timing, at least in this situation. Soyoung Kang, CMO of EOS said their goal was to find the perfect time to provide their customers with experiences that blend current trends and culture. After a few months of extensive research on the benefits of hemp seed oil, the EOS team decided it was time to take the plunge, and quickly began developing the two new flavors. While most EOS products typically take at least a year to produce, introducing the balms as a micro-batch requires much less production time, which means it can hit the sheelves a lot faster. With that being said, all good things come to an end, and sadly, so will these tiny hemp balms.

Kang expects to sell out within one month, and once they do, they won’t produce anymore. Also, unlike other EOS lip balms, these flavors will only be sold online, directly through EOS. Are you opening a new browser tab yet?

As far as future plans for the brand, much like the hemp oil lip balms, EOS will likely continue to produce micro-batch products to help keep tings fun and exciting for their customers, while staying true to their roots.