Bruno Fagali: Benefits Of Hiring A Competent Lawyer

Are you going through a complex personal or business legal issue in Brazil? Do you want to find one of the top rated attorneys in Brazil? Every day many people encounter legal issues and want to find a good lawyer or law firm to help them resolve the situation promptly.

In Brazil, a lot of corporations, establishments and professionals turn to Bruno Fagali for proper guidance and advice. Numerous high-profile individuals trust Bruno to handle their tough cases for them.

Finding a law firm or lawyer with a good reputation will reassure you that you’re taking the right step. Whether accurate or not, people who choose highly-rated attorneys or law firms feel a whole lot better about their legal issue.

A lawyer like Bruno Fagali will give you confidence that your case will be resolved appropriately. Bruno has been in the industry for many years and he comes highly recommended. Any business or entrepreneur who wants to get the best possible representation or guidance, should consider getting in touch with Bruno.

For business and commercial litigation matters, it’s imperative to get help from a renowned attorney. Many business owners and corporate executives seek expert assistance with management and legal issues. Not all of these issues can be resolved easily, so it’s always advisable to have a knowledgeable professional by your side.

Companies often face complex legal issues such as disputes with other organizations, groups of individuals, or government entities, which require a thorough knowledge of both the industry and business situation of the client. That’s where an experienced business or corporate lawyer comes in.

It is important that you get a consultation with an attorney before you ultimately decide to have them represent you. Don’t waste time and money hiring someone who is not the right attorney for situation. You need to make sure that the attorney or law group you’re considering, has the resources and knowledge to deal with the type of legal situation you’re facing.

Bruno Fagali is passionate about rendering top notch advice and representation to those that come to him for help. He receives countless positive reviews from clients and he can help you get the best possible outcome in your case.

If you believe that another entity has violated your rights, of if you are in need of reliable legal advice, contact Bruno Fagali right away.

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Ms. Penelope Kokkinides was the operating officer at the Innovacare health solutions from 2006 to 2012. She also served in Aveta Inc as the chief operating officer. From 2008 she served at Touchstones as the chief operating officer. For over two decades now she has the experience of managing healthcare and has specialized in government programs. Before joining Aveta, she served as the corporate vice president for care and management and disease management at the Americhoice which is a business unit of united health group, here she was vital in the development and implementation of the healthcare model.


Penelope Kokkinides graduated from the Binghamton University with the B.S in biological sciences and classical languages, and she later joined New York University for her first masters in social work, she finally did her second masters at Columbia University where she specialized with public health. She did language fluency in Greek.


Invited in Whitehouse Penelope Kokkinides was among seven other women invited to a panel by united states president Donald Trump to sit at a roundtable to discuss about health affairs. During the meeting she mentioned the importance of fund increment for Medicare as from the year 2011 there was federal funding cut in Puerto Rico for Medicare which dropped the advantage by an annual amount of about $1 billion an amount that is significantly inappropriate to the reductions in the united states.


Penelope Kokkinides recommended that fixing of the cuts be done since it’s not only an important thing to do, but it is a responsible thing because when the Medicaid system collapses in Puerto Rico there will be many people who will be forced to migrate from the island headed for the states where their Medicaid cost may have gone higher three to four times. Days after meeting president Trump released a notice, and that final notice provided favorable changes for the Puerto Rico healthcare systems.


Innovacare, Inc gives health services in Puerto Rico and manages other two government Medicaid plans within the area which brings broad benefit coverage through a structured care model. Invacare also is dedicated to offering the island with accredited health plans and world-class healthcare services through creating sustainable models of monitored care, cost friendly, innovative and integrated technology. To sum all this Ms. Penelope Kokkinides presence in the healthcare systems for over 20 years has brought massive changes that have benefited both Puerto Ricans and the United States.


2018 is Already a Big Year for the Chainsmokers

Despite the duo behind The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, being concerned about how their fans were going to react to their new, darker sound they are once against hitting the music charts. 2018 has already brought big things for the musicians including hitting the number one spot on Billboard’s dance list. Along with the accolades from Billboard, they also performed at Ultra Miami 2018 to a pumped-up crowd and definitely did not disappoint. The Billboard list is driven by data and includes ticket movers, club curators, and hitmakers. The artists on this list are determined by pure data, and the data indicates that the Chainsmokers are a total success in their industry.

With 4 singles already being released in 2018, their fans are anxiously awaiting the release of their second studio album. The first of these 4 songs was decidedly darker than anything else they had ever done before. While The Chainsmokers have always produced songs that are more serious in nature than their more pop-like counterparts, their new single “Sick Boy” was like nothing they had ever created before. It delves deep into the world of celebrity in our social media driven society where one’s value is determined by likes and shares. The musical partner of Alex Pall, Drew Taggart, is featured in the song singing the chorus. “How many likes is my life worth?” In the world of celebrities, this is an important question as people seem to forget that there are people behind the music and the social media personas that have reached such a level of importance in our society.

Memories… Do Not Open, their debut album, quickly became a platinum seller with songs such as “Roses” which features the artist Rozes. With 5 top 10 Billboard Chart hits and a platinum-selling album, the Chainsmokers do not appear to be going anywhere but up. Fans are anxiously awaiting the release of their next album and it looks like the Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall and Drew Taggart will not disappoint.

Jose Hawilla: Characteristics And Traits Of Successful People

Are you looking for information about successful people? Do you want to know about Jose Hawilla and his success strategies? If you want to become successful in business or life you need to study successful people and develop the characteristics or traits that are common among them.


Any ambitious person can become successful in his or her venture by learning, and implementing, proven strategies. If you emulate a successful person like Jose hawilla, you can become successful in your business.


Jose is a highly sough after entrepreneur and respected businessman. He has many companies and organizations and is well known in the industry. Jose Hawilla has been establishing and growing businesses and brands for many decades. His aim is to products products and services that cater to the needs of consumers. His companies receive positive reviews due to the outstanding service and top notch products they provide.


Every day, numerous people around the globe search for information about profitable companies and their founders. Many people want to learn how these entrepreneurs build brands and great organizations. Many people inquire about Jose Hawilla and his companies and would like to follow in his footsteps.


If you are interested in building big businesses and organizations like Jose Hawilla, then you need to learn what highly successful entrepreneurs do to accomplish great results. Whether you want to have your own companies or you want to find an investment vehicle, you need to possess the skills or knowledge to meet the demand in the marketplace. It’s also crucial to possess the characteristics or traits that will help you stay focused on your goal.


Sometimes things go wrong in business, and you need to have the confidence to keep taking steps towards your goal. You need to be proactive and get things done.


When you are working on an important project and you encounter challenges or obstacles, it’s crucial to keep your cool and examine the situation carefully. Successful entrepreneurs know this and look for alternative ways to achieve their desired outcome, no matter the situation.  Check out for more details.




A background review of Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global was started by two experienced businesses leaders, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The founders shared a goal of coming up with products that help consumers maintain a youthful skin. Jeunesse Global has continued to produce beauty products that help users keep their skins glowing as they age. The firm’s products comprise of natural extracts that have no side effects on the human skin. The company continues to use the latest technology to improve the quality of the products that they release in the market with the aim of ensuring that their customers live a long fulfilling life.

What are the benefits of using Jeunesse Global’s NV product?

When it comes to choosing a makeup, many people often want a product that promises quality and has the capacity to last all day long. Jeunesse Gloal seeks to promote the production of beauty products that allow their clients to maintain and restore their aging skins by removing pores, wrinkles, and fine lines that appear with age. To be effective, Jeunesse Global launched product NV that was manufactured exclusively from APT-200. ATP-200 is made up of natural vitamins and aloe vera. The ingredient makes it easy for your skin to stay rejuvenated and remain youthful throughout the day.

NV product has the capacity to last for over 10 hours, and it gives users a unique flawless coverage making it a reliable product in keeping the skin healthy and glowing throughout the day. The product is also water resistant making it reliable for use all day long. This implies that you can use it even when there is a high humidity or if you sweat too much. NV product is convenient for users at any moment because it is water resistant.

NV product from Jeunesse Global is made from a unique aloe vera formula and contains numerous natural vitamins that are designed to give your skin a natural glow and keep your skin youthful and restored for long. This makes the NV product a reliable product that ensures your skin remains beautiful.

Bob Reina: He’s Growing In Popularity

Bob Reina is not in this to gain popularity votes, but he does want people to respect the work that is being done on a daily basis by Talk Fusion. As the years go on, the popularity of the company is growing along with Bob Reina’s, but he is just doing his job like he has since 2007. The fact he is not trying so hard to get people to like him is what really makes people admire him. He is not out there tooting his own horn or taking all of the credit. Arrogance is not what Bob Reina stands for as a human being. He is a humble human being even with all of the success that Talk Fusion has had over the past eleven years.

He is just out there talking about the company and how it can help people. When he does talk about the company, he uses the word “we,” which shows he is not taking a lot of the credit for it. He knows Talk Fusion is like a great team: it works best when everyone is pitching in and contributing on some level. That’s the beauty of Talk Fusion when it comes right down to it. It’s a real team. Bob Reina leads it, and he is very upbeat when talking about where the company can go from here.

He sees big things for the company, and he sees a bright future. This is even after they have won awards like the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. Bob Reina loves to communicate and he loves to come up with solutions. It is really what drives him as the man in charge of Talk Fusion. He knows things can go wild when people are not talking and understanding each other.

With this video technology application, that is not going to happen because they have various video formats that allow people to come up with solutions to problems and to connect one-on-one with someone. They can also connect with people in a larger sense if they are running a big business thanks to Talk Fusion. Learn more:

Robert Ivy Has Received A Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

The chief executive officer at The American Institute of Architects has recently been given one of the most prestigious honors that a person in his position can receive. Robert Ivy was awarded with a The American Institute of Architects and it was presented by the MIAL.

This honor is made even more special by the fact that it is the first time that any architect has ever worn this award. It is given to those who reside in Mississippi and are considered to have created an excellent body of work over the course of a lifetime.

Robert Ivy’s work is what allowed him to receive this award and it is bestowed upon those who create, perform and support art. In addition to Robert Ivy, Andrew Cary Young (a stained glass artist) will also be given the same award.

The event is slated to take place on June 2 and marks a major milestone in Ivy’s career. Ivy rose through the ranks and became the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. He works as a practicing architect but is also an editor and an author. As such, he is thought to be one of the finest ambassadors in the entire state of Mississippi.


Carl Elefante is the president of the American Institute of Architects and he is elated to congratulate Ivy for all that he has achieved. Before he became the CEO of the AIA, Robert Ivy served as the Architectural Record’s editor in chief. He was presented with a National Magazine Award for his efforts and his leadership is believed to be responsible for the magazine’s growth.

Alpha Rho Chi has also recognized Ivy as a “Master Architect“. This is a title that is only given to the architects who are widely considered to be among the world’s greatest. Robert Ivy is credited with bringing architecture to the mainstream and when he receives the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, he will finally get to have his rightful place among the all time greats.

Previous Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award recipients include Oscar winner Morgan Freeman and writer Shelby Foote. He is proud to join the ranks of these greats and this former officer of the United States Navy has certainly been making his country proud over the course of his entire career. He is a crucial part of the worldwide architecture community and this is an award that is well deserved.



Alex Pall is a member of The Chainsmokers band. He grew up in New York, and being a DJ was his hobby, so he did it passionately as a side hustle. However, being in in a city and pursuing what felt like more of fun than a career was scary, hence combined DJing with working at an art gallery. He later realized that dance music was becoming such an integral part of his life, thus quit his job and pursued it full time. He was still working with this current manager, who introduced him to Drew, their current producer, and the work began.

It is while in New York when Alex met the other member of the duo, Andrew Taggart and they immediately started working. According to Pall, it was their passion, ambition, mutual values and ability to scan the music environment to build their own identity that has led to their success. Also, having social media marketing and a great producer like Drew has contributed much too.

Most times, Alex Pall and his partner write their lyrics, about their real lives, or sometimes work closely with songwriters to guide them on what they want the song to be about. At the moment, the duo is under pressure from fans to release an album. However, they feel that they wouldn’t want to have many songs in an album that are not interrelated. This kind of album releasing is all about building a different identity in the music industry.

Recently, the duo collaborated with Halsey on their hit song, “Closer”. Alex described her as an incredibly talented artist with a great personality, which makes her unique. They feel that with this song, they are moving in the right direction, especially having exchanged roles with the producer on the record, which is not common.

Previously, their music audience was between ages 16-25, but as evidenced by Instagram, their music is reaching people as young as 6 and as old as 40! Geographically, it has become more international, which shows that their music has transcended. The duo is flexible enough to change with the changing environment, though their performance element will not change. Alex Pall believes that being at the forefront of creating new and unique content is crucial in the very competitive music industry.

Shervin Pishevar Talks the Rise and Fall of Monopolies

Carving out a very successful career in the world of venture capitalism, Shervin Pishevar has become the human incarnation of the American dream. Today, many people recognize him as one of the foremost authorities regarding investing, and he has the track record to back it up. As a student at the University of California, Berkeley, Shervin Pishevar initially embarked on a career path that was a far cry from the world of entrepreneurship, majoring in molecular cellular biology.

Shervin Pishevar would soon realize that he wanted to take his career path in a different direction, and, much to the dismay of his father, he delved into the volatile world of investing, eventually becoming a major player due to his involvement with companies such as Tumblr, Dollar Shave Club, Uber, Warby Parker, and Rap Genius. The co-founder of Sherpa Capital and Virgin Hyperloop One has used this stellar reputation to garner a considerable audience, and he often utilizes Twitter to break down his thought regarding financial issues, as well as future investments. He recently took to Twitter in what turned out to be a 50-tweet posting session that would last an entire 24-hour period. During this time, he touched on issues regarding globalism, the economic uncertainty of the United States, future monetary systems, as well as a number of other controversial topics.

The man who lives and breathes startups, set social media on fire when he discussed the position of the top five unicorns in the United States today, even referring to them as monopolies. In Shervin Pishevar’s estimation, the power of corporations such as Amazon, Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, and Facebook, is leaving little breathing room for startup companies today, which, in turn, is staggering innovation. Although he believes that these companies will eventually fail, “as they should,” there is a direct correlation between their power, the speed of acquisition, and the loss of Silicon Valley’s competitive edge. The unique qualities that made Silicon Valley such a dominant entity in the world of tech innovation, have now crossed the borders placed by the United States, and exist worldwide, in the form of concepts.

Southridge Capital Financial Solutions Company

Many people struggle with their finances. With rising costs, some people are worried about the future. One of the most common financial obstacles is high levels of debt. Southridge Capital is financial solutions company for people of all income levels. Not only does Southridge Capital help people with investment options, but the company also has business coaches for people who are struggling to budget each month.

Getting organized is essential for financial success. With all of the budgeting tools available, most people can make drastic progress with their financial goals in a short period.


Most people spend money on items that add no value to their lives. It is critical for people to look at all of their expenses each month. A small decrease in spending can make a drastic difference in the amount of money that a person can save. Most people try to earn additional income when saving for the future. By cutting various expenses, people can have more freedom and less stress. Southridge offers information to people who are struggling with their finances. The coaches at Southridge Capital have years of experience teaching people the basics of personal finance.


Investing is critical for anyone who wants to build wealth. Some people are intimidated about investing because they do not want to lose money. Southridge Capital offers various investment services for clients, visit Most of the people who go to Southridge Capital are not investing at all. People should take advantage of any 401(k) match at the company they work at. After that match, the investment strategy for each person depends on their future financial goals.

Southridge Capital is a growing company that helps thousands of people each year. Anyone who wants to improve their financial position should consider working with a financial coach from the company. Visit the website,