Go Green With These Two New Flavors From EOS Lip Balm

EOS has officially gone green. Well, kind of. The popular cosmetic brand, known for their lip balms just released two new flavors. Happy Herb and Baked Brownie lip balms were introduced to the market on April 18 as a micro-batch. The new flavors feature cannabis sativa hemp oil in honor of 4/20.

It’s all about the timing, at least in this situation. Soyoung Kang, CMO of EOS said their goal was to find the perfect time to provide their customers with experiences that blend current trends and culture. After a few months of extensive research on the benefits of hemp seed oil, the EOS team decided it was time to take the plunge, and quickly began developing the two new flavors. While most EOS products typically take at least a year to produce, introducing the balms as a micro-batch requires much less production time, which means it can hit the sheelves a lot faster. With that being said, all good things come to an end, and sadly, so will these tiny hemp balms.

Kang expects to sell out within one month, and once they do, they won’t produce anymore. Also, unlike other EOS lip balms, these flavors will only be sold online, directly through EOS. Are you opening a new browser tab yet?

As far as future plans for the brand, much like the hemp oil lip balms, EOS will likely continue to produce micro-batch products to help keep tings fun and exciting for their customers, while staying true to their roots.