Rebel Wilson Celebrates her 39th Birthday in Beverly Hills

On March 2nd, Rebel Wilson celebrated her 39th birthday in a more innovative way. She posted lots of videos and pictures on her Instagram cake baking classes and doing exercises with other actresses. Rebel Wilson is working on an upcoming movie Cats as the Star.

She shared dance moves in her social media that she had learned in the movie shooting rehearsal. Being a Cat Movie, Wilson and her friends wore cat costumes in the performance that was a fun way to celebrate her birthday. She said that her friends threw her a birthday party in Beverly Hills that all ended up well with the unique exercises.

Rebel Wilsons shared praise status on her Instagram wall on the best way to work on summer through the exercises. In addition, she made her own birthday cake while at the baking class which they all celebrated with her friends at her place.

Recently the Hollywood star posted a picture with the other Cats Movie cast on stage that was incredible according to Wilson. In the movie Rebel Wilson will act alongside other icons such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Alive Idris Elba, Judi Dench among others. According to the actress, she acknowledges Taylor Swift as creating a unique vibe in the movie in its adaptation. Taylor Swift recently surprised her co-actors in Cats Cast with gifts in one of the stage events.

The Cats starring is an Australian born and raised comedy actress. She has gone through successful transformations in her career in Hollywood by bringing out her vibrant comedic act into the scenes. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Throughout her career, Rebel Wilson has featured in numerous eye catching films such as Isn’t It Romantic, Pitch Perfect, How to Be Single, Bridesmaid and Pizza to mention a few. She has acted with other famous actors in the Hollywood industry. Despite receiving a lot of critics due to her mischief acts she has been able to make her way to fame successfully. Wilsons has had so much praise from her fans who have constantly supported her through her journey in acting.

In her journey she has garnered numerous awards such as; The Best Actress Tropfest Award in 2009, Best Ensemble by Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association in 2011, Best Breakthrough and Best Musical Moment in Pitch Perfect by Performance by MTV Awards in 2012 among others.

She is also the owner of a fashion brand Torrid that was opened to sell clothes for plus size women across the world. Wilsons does not only dwell in acting but is also enthusiastic in working in other fields. Rebel Wilson has been working in charity organizations besides working as an actress. She supports young talent and giving back to the community.

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