Isabel dos Santos View on Modern Technology Diversity

Isabel dos Santos is the wealthiest woman in Africa with a net worth of more than two billion US dollars. She comes from a wealthy family of Jose dos Santos, the former president of Angola. Isabel has studied Electrical engineering. She has also worked in various organizations in the European stock exchange market list. She is always hardworking hence she worked the way up to earn her wealthy holding top positions in many organizations. When Isabel dos Santos returned to London, she joined her father’s business where she has overseen completion and successes of many projects as the project engineer.

Isabel dos Santos unlike other wealthy people who forget to invest in their home place; she has spent much money in Africa to help Africans by raising their living standards. She has created many job opportunities to improve the economy. Recently, Dos Santos was present at the European Parliament where she spoke on behalf of the Africans. Isabel dos Santos discussed on the emerging technology development in Africa.

Isabel dos Santos explained how it’s essential to apply the future technology should be used to improve and promote the growth of the African economy. With modern technology more business sectors will be established with Banking and agriculture being among them. According to Isabel dos Santos its no use to invest in adopting advanced technology if Africans have no knowledge and skills of how to apply it and become digital. She has started education programs to equip interested parties with the knowledge needed to use modern technology in their businesses (Alivenewspaper).

Isabel dos Santos is the chairwoman of a prominent organization Unitel that’s the leading mobile operator all over Angola. This year, Isabel dos Santos was invited as the guest of honor to speak during the African Summit; she stated categorically that having passed the mobile revolution the next will be making whole Africa digital. Isabel dos Santos has a plan and desire to create e-commerce and create digital banks to ensure that Africans can bank money using digital platform which is convenient.

Isabel dos Santos advises Africans to be united and support the implementation process of adopting modern technology.

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Jim Larkin and Jim Lacey: Trying to Take Down Joe Arpaio

On the evening of October 18th, 2007 Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were arrested by order of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. The two reporters, who co-owned the Village Voice, were charged with revealing the details of a Grand Jury investigation. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

They had published a story in the Phoenix New Times that revealed that Arpaio had formed a secret Grand Jury. Unknown to Larkin and Lacey was the fact that the Grand Jury was investigating them.

Larkin and Lacey spent 24 days in prison before a judge threw the charges against them out and determined that the Grand Jury was formed illegally. After their release Larkin and Lacey sued the County and won $3.7 million. They used this money to start the Frontera Fund which helps protects the civil rights of Arizona citizens, particularly in the Latin community which was so adversely affected by the Arpaio Sheriffs Office.

The Grand Jury story was not the first negative story about Arpaio that Larkin and Lacey put out. They had been publishing stories for some time about the various violations and crimes of Arpaio’s department. This was why Arpaio formed a secret Grand Jury to investigate them in the first place: He wanted them in prison where they couldn’t report on him anymore.

The accusations against Arpaio gained national attention with the arrest of Larkin and Lacey. National outrage helped to free them and resulted in people wanting to know more about Arpaio’s crimes.

The Sheriff and his entire department were accused of racism, sexism, racial profiling, mistreatment of prisoners and inhumane treatment of prisoners. They were also found to have illegally detained and searched many inmates accused of being illegal immigrants, some of them actual U.S. citizens. Arpaio denied all of these allegations no matter the proof put forward. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

In 2016 Arpaio failed his bid for re-election as Sheriff. It would have been his seventh term, but after serving since 1992 the voters of Maricopa County were done. He then went on trial himself and was found guilty.

President Trump pardoned Arpaio, who had previously endorsed Trump early in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primaries. Since the pardon Arpaio has announced his desire for the candidacy of a U.S. Senate seat from Arizona. Trump has endorsed Arapio.

Larkin and Lacey continue to campaign against Arpaio at a national level and stay vigilant in their reporting about Arpaio’s various false claims.