EdTech Market is Ripe for Entrepreneural Success

Education technology has been a booming industry of late, drawing entrepreneurs and investors alike. In spite of the most recent downswing in the market, the education tech sector still stands to be a $1 billion dollar plus industry this year. Teachers, students, parents, and administrative professionals are all seeking out tools that help to make teaching easier and learning more fun. Apps such as ClassDojo have transformed the way teachers, students, and parents interact both inside and outside the classroom. ClassDojo uniquely integrates a social media styled interface for teachers and parents with a virtual achievement based game for students. This creates a one of a kind experience that keeps parents informed in real time while also empowering students toward good behavior by providing positive reinforcement.

Just as social media platforms bring friends and family closer together, ClassDojo fosters, if not creating from the ground up, the community of the classroom. Parents can interact with each other in addition to teachers. Parents also have a platform for discussion of classroom happenings with their children with ClassDojo. Tools like ClassDojo often start small, but tap into an unknown demand and grow quickly. ClassDojo for example was a narrowly known startup in 2015, but is now found in 2 of every 3 classrooms.

This type of widespread rapid growth is what drives entrepreneurs to this market. Professional educators are committed to enhancing the education experience as new generations require new methods to further advance the education standards in this country. This challenge is a serious one and educators are willing to think outside the box in order to achieve it. The opportunities for ground up change in education are plentiful and prolonged success in the education tools market can be just one good idea away.