How Mark Hutchinson Developed His Passion for the Wilderness into an Organization for Preservation

Mark Hutchinson has always had a passion for the wild. His passion was fueled by the lure of Northern Australia’s wilderness areas. He fondly recalls spending time on the farms of his childhood friends and trekking through the dusty trails of Australia’s outback. It was his passion for the wild areas of Australia and the animals that inhabited them that led to his decision to become a Jackaroo right after he was out of school. This gave Mark the opportunity to interact directly with animals in the wild, which he later turned into a full-time business he chose to call UNTAMED. This business revolved around Eco-tourism and was eventually renamed as Avana, which Mark sold in 2013. Learn more:

The vision Mark Hutchinson had for his first business focused on providing people with a close-up view of mother nature’s untouched regions. As an Eco-tourism business, Mark was amazed at how even the wealthiest tourists could become moved by a view of the world’s wilderness regions. Often during those early years, Mark Hutchinson would take on the role of tour guide where he would lead people on safaris or fishing trips. To help facilitate his desire to bring the wonder of nature to others, Mark also spent time in Africa where he underwent extensive training for becoming a guide in the African wilderness. He also obtained a Bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Sydney. Although his first wilderness venture did not succeed as he had hoped, Mark Hutchinson eventually moved on to establish his now renowned organization of Wild Ark. Learn more:

In addition to his Bachelor’s degree, Mark also holds an MBA from a business school in France and is currently enrolled in Macquarie University where he is moving toward obtaining his Masters in Conservation Biology. When Mark launched Wild Ark he intended to create a platform through which he could help protect the wilderness areas around the world. Mark and his wife Sophie, take an active role in helping to preserve the world’s natural environment. A normal day for Mark generally includes rounding up animals, answering emails and collaborating with mentor. Learn more: