Betsy DeVos: The Education Secretary of the US who is on a Mission

Betsy DeVos is one of the top figures in America’s education reform fight. She has been in the fight for several decades, trying to bring educational choice to the forefront, and yet she has always been stuck behind standardized testing and Common Core. While she has foght hard to become the 11th US Education Secretary, many have criticized her position and also stated that she has never been a teacher.


To those who oppose her, Betsy DeVos has nothing but smiles. She says that being the US Education Secretary is a dream come true, and it has given her some true insight into the educational problems happening all over the country, not just in her neck of the woods. Still, DeVos has committed to the fight for educational choice before. In Michigan, she proposed legislation to help with charter schools and private schools.


Many believe that it is these actions that show she will use public funding for private schools, but that just isn’t the case according to DeVos. She states that anyone who thinks that simply doesn’t understand the policies. Perhaps they do not know how it works.


So what is educational choice?


With educational choice, students are able to choose where they go to school. If they are zoned for a particularly bad school, for example, they can apply for a magnet program or private school in order to get out of going to a failing school or to get into a program that matches what they want to learn. For example, some magnet programs are for performing arts and others are for music or law. It’s clear that DeVos has had to fight hard with educators on these points, as many don’t see her perspective.


In fact, it’s most often brought up that DeVos isn’t a teacher and doesn’t understand what it would to have more funding for public schools instead. DeVos states that she had a mother who was a public school teacher, and she knows how difficult it can be. However, educational choice is what can give students and parents relief right now, as opposed to many years in the future.


There are a few states that have been successful with these new programs. The most successful has been Florida, which has the most educational choice options, as well as a tuition-based scholarship program. The scholarship helps pay for students educational needs, while students can choose to go to a magnet school, private school, charter school, homeschooling program, or virtual school. These programs are giving students options to further their career even before they graduate.


It’s been difficult getting people to understand these points, but DeVos continues to conduct interviews in the hopes that people will start to see that is doing her best to help students first. That’s also where student safety is concerned. There were a number of policies updated in the summer of 2018 as well as safety measures implemented. DeVos will continue to work hard for school safety throughout 2019 and 2020.


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Betsy DeVos Is Ready For The Spotlight As Secretary Of Education

When the 2016 Presidential Election wrapped up with the victory speech of Donald Trump for the Republican party, the rest of the world watched on in shock. Most shocking of all was the fact that people around the nation couldn’t see something like this coming. Voters came out en masse during the 2016 elections in order to make their voice heard: change was on the way and they were inviting it with open arms. With ‘outsider politics’ suddenly becoming en vogue, newly sworn-in President Trump was quick to bring in a litany of outsider politicians to join his Cabinet. Among the many different politicians that Trump would add to his cabinet, Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education would stick out the most.


Before Betsy DeVos was nominated for her position as the Secretary of Education at the Department of Justice, the highest office an educator can receive, she was not quite a household name around the nation. With that being said, Betsy DeVos had already become something of an icon around the political world of Michigan. According to Mike Cox, a former state attorney general on the Republican ticket, Betsy DeVos managed to ‘instill fear in a lot of people’ due to her demeanor, preparedness, and her ability to cut to the core of the conversation at hand. Those are high words of praise aimed at someone who had never worked in the federal government but we have quickly come to the realization that there is no hyperbole here.


Betsy and Dick DeVos made their stance quite well known over the past thirty years or so. The DeVos’s have spent their married life working to promote conservative values while funding and campaigning for the GOP on a national level. Their hard work in Michigan, in both business and education, put the DeVos family on the map. Betsy DeVos specifically stepped up into the national spotlight thanks to her unwavering faith in school choice and her self-anointed title as a ‘reformer’. While these titles may sound ostentatious, they are applicable to the life that Betsy DeVos has lived and her goals in the future.


The most important aspect of Betsy DeVos’s nomination and confirmation was the fact that she gave conservatives an identity to rally around in the field of education. While education reform is largely attached to progressive politics, Betsy DeVos has made popular a conservative education platform that has potential to fix some of the glaring issues in the world of public education. Betsy DeVos is championing school choice and she will be pushing for school funding to be spread among private schools, charter schools, and even Christian schools. Betsy DeVos believes that parents should have the right to choose the educational institution of their choice for their children without any penalty.


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