Matthew Fleeger, Multi Talented Business Sense

Matthew Fleeger is a talented CEO and entrepreneur who has developed an expertise that is diverse and varied because of his experience as a business man over the years. He is the president of Gulf Coast Western and is a grandfather of the oil industry in general when it comes to his business which is located in Texas. Some of the other sectors that he attained enlightenment in is the tanning industry which he holds two successful businesses in and the medical waste management industry. These are good attributes that give Matthew Fleeger an air of leadership material, but where he remains to glow the most in is in the oil and gas industry. Ever since he became the CEO of Gulf Coast Western he made the business grow exponentially due to his exceptional leader ship skills and attributes. He is a multitalented entrepreneur and holds good and steadfast values like resourcefulness, adaptability, and the ability to keep an open mind. Matthew Fleeger is also known for surrounding himself with the best in his league in order to further expand his businesses and grow as a person. While going for his bachelors degree he developed a passion for business thus the seeds of growth began. Ever since his acquirement of his bachelors degree he spent eight years in the family business in order to hone and sharpen his skills as an entrepreneur. This business that he worked at for eight years was called Gulf Coast Western because it was founded by his father. It was during this time that he gathered the necessary tools to become an effective and efficient leader. Other business ventures that Matthew Fleeger became involved in included Medsolutions which was a distribution company that handled medical waste in order to dispose of it safely and efficiently.

Luke Lazarus: Melbourne’s Business Guru

Luke Lazarus is a consultant for entrepreneurial startups in Melbourne, Australia. He has a consistent and steady record of successful endeavors in the field over the last 20 years.

Luke earned his MBA from Melbourne Business School at the ripe young age of only 24, and managed to start and sell four separate firms before the age of 33. He now brings that experience to bear for other companies having trouble reaching their business goals and moving forward.

Lazarus breaks down his approach to success into distinct and well-defined steps. The first step of any venture is to create a business plan. You have to define what your company is going to be, what it is going to do, and what the financials for those things look like. This is essential if you want anyone to invest in your startup. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

Once you have defined your vision, you want to present it to investors. You want to establish a clear story that investors can follow, and hopefully find compelling.

This combined with an understanding of your business and what it does will have a high chance of yielding results. Once all of your plans and funding is in order —you’re ready to go to market! Lazarus helps clients during this stage to nail down timelines, budgets, and get their marketing strategy lined out.

After all of that comes the real fun: making money! Lazarus assists his clients with proper market projections and attaining proper profitability. Monitoring cash-flow in a business is vital to the success of a startup. You want to make sure that the company remains consistent and lines up with the original plans you set out.

Once everything is going smoothly and the business is profitable, it’s time to start looking towards ways to improve. In today’s world, a business that doesn’t grow with the times will find itself losing to more innovative competition.

Luke Lazarus has plenty of experience in this regard, and is able to help businesses to make all sorts of operational improvements by using his experience to properly assess and point out problems and issues with the proper development of a businesses. If you manage to continually improve your business after achieving your initial goals you set out for, then the sky truly is the limit. Your growth and prosperity will only be limited by your ability to innovate.

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OSI Group: Multinational Food Processor & Supplier

OSI Group has metamorphosed from a nondescript butchery to a leading global provider of meat and meat products. The company rose from humble beginnings and currently prides itself in having more than 20,000 employees and operates in 17 countries. Nevertheless, the organization is still on an aggressive global expansion plan and aims to increase its number of stores from 65 to a formidable number that will rank it even higher on the global scale.

Company Origin

OSI group is the embodiment of a company that grew from the resilience, dedication, and determination of its German-immigrant founders. The founder, Otto Kolschowsky voyaged to America at the turn of the 20h century with nothing but an American Dream. He settled in Chicago, Illinois, from where he brainstormed on the best business venture that would put him on a path towards achieving the American Dream.

After market research, Kolshowsky settled on opening a butcher shop that would serve the German community. German immigrants constituted approximately a quarter of the population in Chicago at the time. He later ventured into wholesale of meat and meat products after doing business for a decade. With his expansion came the need to move into another Suburb in Maywood, Chicago. The company later rebranded to Otto & Sons; a fete which signified its upward spiral to becoming a world-renowned brand.

Global Expansion

OSI Group has been on a worldwide expansion plan that has seen it venture into new markets in Europe, Asia, and India. For instance, they managed to purchase a Dutch-based food processing company, Baho Foods in 2016. The acquisition was made possible due to the diligence and market strategies that were employed by CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. Additionally, OSI Group also acquired another European company, Flagship Europe. They subsequently took over the production of condiments, pies and frozen poultry that had been the hallmark of Flagship Europe.

Most experts have been mesmerized by OSI Group’s tactics and global expansion ambitions. Analysts have reiterated that few companies manage to have a substantial market share for so long while at the same time remain profitable. The company’s leadership are driven by virtues such as customer engagement and production of services that are tailored towards meeting customer needs.

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Shervin Pishevar Talks the Rise and Fall of Monopolies

Carving out a very successful career in the world of venture capitalism, Shervin Pishevar has become the human incarnation of the American dream. Today, many people recognize him as one of the foremost authorities regarding investing, and he has the track record to back it up. As a student at the University of California, Berkeley, Shervin Pishevar initially embarked on a career path that was a far cry from the world of entrepreneurship, majoring in molecular cellular biology.

Shervin Pishevar would soon realize that he wanted to take his career path in a different direction, and, much to the dismay of his father, he delved into the volatile world of investing, eventually becoming a major player due to his involvement with companies such as Tumblr, Dollar Shave Club, Uber, Warby Parker, and Rap Genius. The co-founder of Sherpa Capital and Virgin Hyperloop One has used this stellar reputation to garner a considerable audience, and he often utilizes Twitter to break down his thought regarding financial issues, as well as future investments. He recently took to Twitter in what turned out to be a 50-tweet posting session that would last an entire 24-hour period. During this time, he touched on issues regarding globalism, the economic uncertainty of the United States, future monetary systems, as well as a number of other controversial topics.

The man who lives and breathes startups, set social media on fire when he discussed the position of the top five unicorns in the United States today, even referring to them as monopolies. In Shervin Pishevar’s estimation, the power of corporations such as Amazon, Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, and Facebook, is leaving little breathing room for startup companies today, which, in turn, is staggering innovation. Although he believes that these companies will eventually fail, “as they should,” there is a direct correlation between their power, the speed of acquisition, and the loss of Silicon Valley’s competitive edge. The unique qualities that made Silicon Valley such a dominant entity in the world of tech innovation, have now crossed the borders placed by the United States, and exist worldwide, in the form of concepts.

Jake Gottlieb, Philanthropy, Medical Care and More

Jacob Jay Gottlieb is an employee who works for Visium Asset Management. This is a firm that concentrates on alternative investment advisory matters. He’s the firm’s CIO (Chief Investment Officer) and managing partner at this time. The aim at Visium Asset Management is to produce strong returns that are not correlated. It is to do so in a range of diverse market settings. Gottlieb established Visium Asset Management in late 2005. He did so with the assistance of 20 experts in the investment field. These people came from a company that was called Balyasny Asset Management. Gottlieb became part of the Balyasny Asset Management crew in 2001. He had a fulfilling job prior to that as well. Gottlieb enjoyed productive positions as a Sanford C. Bernstein buy-side analyst and Merlin portfolio supervisor.

Gottlieb is a Brooklyn, New York native who attended a widely known Ivy League school called Brown University. Brown University is located in New England’s Providence, Rhode Island. He did so well at the institution of higher learning that he was actually a magna cum laude graduate. He secured an economics bachelor’s degree there. His education was nowhere near complete after his time at Brown University was up. Once he had his bachelor’s degree, he headed back to the Big Apple to study at New York University Medical School. That’s the school that gave him his medical degree.

Gottlieb’s life began in the borough of Brooklyn. He was reared alongside brothers who were younger than him. His parents were Polish immigrants who had been on American soil since the sixties. Max Gottlieb, PhD is the name of Gottlieb’s dad. He works for CUNY (the City University of New York) as an economics professor. Gottlieb’s mother is just as esteemed in her vocation. Helena Gottlieb is a doctor who specializes in pediatric care.

This professional is someone who adores and appreciates hard work. He’s also someone who is fond of keeping up with his most beloved pastimes. He has an enthusiasm for baseball that’s unsurpassed in intensity. Baseball card trading was one of his biggest hobbies when he was younger. He was particularly keen on collecting anything associated with the Yankees. Gottlieb realized that he possessed a rare and distinctive power when he was in junior high. He participated in a school contest that revolved around stock choices. He came in at number one when all was said and done. Gottlieb dazzled his father with his proficiency. This encouraged his father to immediately set up an investment trading account for the boy. Gottlieb got a lot of insight regarding entrepreneurship around this time, too. He assists charitable organizations such as Math for America, Covenant House and Robin Hood Organization. He cares about philanthropic interests.

Daniel Taub brought two great nations together

When first meeting the Queen of England Daniel Taub not only introduced himself as the Ambassador of Israel, but he also made his commitment to his beliefs as an Orthodox Jew clear by wearing his Kippah. A British citizen from birth in 1962, nothing would cause his faith in Judaism to falter.

Although he himself was born in England, Daniel Taub was happy to have the opportunity to raise his children in their historic Jewish homeland after two millennia of exile, but also loved and felt loyalty to England which had provided him with so much. This made Daniel a perfect diplomat, fully dedicated to growing the bond between both nations.

After four years of exemplary service Daniel knew he had truly made an impact in a positive way in the lives of the Jewish citizens of Great Britain. Many regard him to be the most successful diplomat from Israel since Shlomo Argov. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Dealing gracefully through crisis and with great diligence with the day to day work of building the business community and academic communities to form stronger partnerships. He truly made a difference.

Britain’s importance on the world stage cannot be underestimated, being both a financial powerhouse and having great influence on the zeitgeist of the world, having close ties between Israel and Britain is of paramount importance to both nations.

There are definitely further challenges still. The Labour party in Britain and that in Israel have not been as close as they had been, but the need to bring them together is clear. They have so many of the same goals and ideologies. The relationship is certainly critical, especially with the tumultuous situation in the Middle East, and few men could be called better suited to the task than Daniel Taub.

In particular, the situation with the Iranian agreement is of great concern, worries over a nuclear Iran strike close to home for Israel, and resources and money entering Iran, that will in turn fund terrorism is also of great concern.

As to the situation with Israel and Palestine, Daniel learned that there is a strong need to address Israeli security concerns first and foremost before any possible discussion of withdrawal.

The good work that Daniel did as Ambassador will surely be missed. His impact is hard to measure and will be felt for years to come.

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