Fortress Investment Group Chairman Wes Edens

Wes Edens is an investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist who co founded the investment management firm Fortress Investment Group. He is also the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association. His philanthropic activities and business are quite diverse and have made a significant impact on both industries and the lives of people all over the world. Since 1998 when he co founded Fortress Investment Group, Edens has been able to establish a reputation of being one of the most savvy financial professionals in the industry. Over the past twenty years, Fortress Investment Group has grown from a boutique private equity firm to a leading alternative asset management firm with clients worldwide.

During the past two decades, Wes Edens has used the private equity business of Fortress Investment Group to acquire companies in a variety of industries. These include companies that specialize in infrastructure, real estate sector, financial services, healthcare and media. Another one of Edens’ accomplishments has been the establishment of the Brightline passenger rail which was built to provide efficient public transportation. The rail currently provides a line from Miami to West Palm Beach Florida. Edens will also look to establish a rail route to go from Orlando to Tampa as well as from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Another venture that Wes Edens has participated in is the creation of New Fortress Energy.

This company was formed to provide a number of solutions for improving infrastructure. This entity will likely create cleaner and more reliable energy source as well as providing a positive impact on the economy all over the world. Edens formed New Fortress Energy in an effort to build on a portfolio company known as Florida East Coast Rail. When establishing his new venture, Edens built the rail system on a liquid natural gas facility. Along with being involved in business and finance, Wes Edens is also very active in professional sports. He purchased the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association. Under his ownership, the team has steadily improved and has become one of the top teams in the league. Edens also acquired a top English soccer team as well.


Matt Badiali: Financial Analyst with Sound understanding of the workings of the mining Industry

Matt Badiali is an investment expert with a background in geology. Mr. Badali studied a B.S. in Earth Sciences at Penn State University as well as a Master of Science in geology at Florida Atlantic University. He initiated his Ph.D. studies but veered off to finance after he realized how lucrative the sector is.

Matt Badiali released a video which went viral. The video entailed an investment opportunity like no other. He introduced the public to freedom checks and the reception has been amazing owing to the fact people stand to earn huge returns on capital investment. Mr. Badiali has taken many by surprise by investing in overlooked stocks and companies. His experience in the natural resource sector has enabled him to make sound investment decisions.

The accomplished investment expert has travelled throughout the world touring countless mines as well as oil wells. In the course of his travel, he got to interact with CEOs in the sector on the latest resource prospects as well as analyzing all sorts of geological data. His travel endeavors were informed by his stand point of seeing to know exactly what is happening.

Mr. Badiali has acquired the ability to identify red flags and great investment opportunities. He goes on to give his huge online following insights on sound investments. He combines his experience as a geologist with his vast training as an investor to give people great investment insights through Banyan Hill. He has been publishing his research on Banyan Hill since he joined the company. In 2017, Matt Badiali unveiled his newsletter named Real Wealth Strategist with Banyan Hill.

The financial analyst has sound understanding of gold as well as other commodities. Matt Badiali was quoted saying that drillers hold the key to future gold prices. He has a distinctive perspective on the gold mining industry. Gold investors are in a position to reap huge returns as compared to investors in other sectors. The investors often receive windfalls owing to the fact that there are massive gains when there is a slight upward price movement. The gold mining industry has improved over the recent years.

Igor Cornelsen Role in Growing Brazilian Economy

Brazil is a country known for many reasons. The nation has been lucky enough to have a soccer team that has won many competitions in the past. The Latin America nation has been enjoying a very good economy in the recent times too. This, however, has not been the case for a long time. After the financial crisis, some countries took several years to recover. For Brazil, this was not the case. Professional finance executives did their best to change everything. Igor Cornelsen is the man who made the greatest change. The finance executive has been able to devise a financial recovery plan that has helped the company to recover and also move to the next level.

Igor Cornelsen is unique and also smart when he is compared to the other finance executives living in Brazil and any other parts of the globe. When he registered to join the university, Igor got the opportunity to study engineering. Two years later, the finance executive had changed his mind, and he was now thinking about finance. The executive changed courses and remained in the same learning institution. By the time Igor was graduating, the demand for finance experts in the market was too high. The small background he had in engineering was an added advantage into his resume. Employers knew that he was the ideal professional, especially when the calculation of compounded interest was being involved.

Igor Cornelsen experience in financial matters has come after a long struggle in the Brazilian market. The businessman worked for top banks in the country, and it was his passion to make the lives of all investors coming into the banks as easy as possible. Igor has already decided to move away from his active career in finance, but he has been helping the government and many banks by offering his words of advice.