Rocketship Education Excels When It Comes to Inclusion

Rocketship Education was started by Preston Smith. When Preston Smith started Rocketship Education, he did not have any kids. Now, however, he has two kids. Guess where Preston Smith sends his kids to school? That is right, he sends them to Rocketship Education.

There are many people who will say one thing but act differently when it comes to their own personal lives. Many people say that there should be diversity. However, they then go live in neighborhoods and send their kids to schools where there is no diversity. There is a lot of hypocrisy in the world. However, Preston Smith is not one of those people. At first, he just wanted to send his kids to a good school. He thought to himself that if he truly believes in the schools that he created and leads, they should be perfect for his own kids. After all, he’s the one who believes in what he is doing. He leads by example.

Rocketship Education excels in many areas, but they are especially great when it comes to students who have disabilities. There are many students who have disabilities at Rocketship Education schools. Of course, Rocketship Education first focuses on compliance. They make it their duty to make sure that every student is accommodated by the school, regardless of any disability he or she may or may not have. However, they go even beyond that. Eighty percent of the day is spent in classrooms with students that are not challenged. Students with disabilities thus spend most of their time in the general learning environment. This provides them with great opportunities. It is a great way to include everyone. Inclusion is great.

This does not just benefit the students with the disabilities themselves. Instead, it benefits all of the students. The other students learn to have empathy for people who did not have all the life benefits that they got. They learn how to be patient and kind. This is a great life lesson for all students.