Doe Deere: Founder of Lime Crime


Lime Crime is a revolutionized makeup that has conquered the digital universe. As they strive to triumph triple doubles on the internet score board, they somehow seem to set the bar for stand out and be different tendencies. Check out Lime Crime blue unicorn lip stick that has everyone in frenzy. This dare to be different style has the men blushing and the women feeling extremely confident. This is a brand you must acknowledge if you want to keep it beautiful. “Always rebelling, never boring, Lime Crime’s here to shake things up,” (, June, 2017).

Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the leader of the Lime Crime brand and dedicates her days and time to keep this pony on the right course. This leader is a straight to business health nut with a passion for beauty and makes sure that her beauty sleep is in check; that being a recipe for her natural clear skin. She is fixated with the world largest music group to date. From the legendary music group (The Beatles) Abby Road seems to be her craze and the makeup queen chooses to keep it old school by spinning the original vinyl record. Another little interesting fact about Ms. Deere is that she has two small Persian cats that she enjoys spending time with in the morning named Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham.

Morning Routine

The founder of Lime Crime recently did and interview with Savoir Flair ( had some interesting things to say about how she start her mornings. Doe starts her morning by waking up refreshed with at least nine hours of sleep. She’s a morning person, so no alarm mechanisms needed.

Next, her morning is followed by a healthy breakfast and a glass of water with the thought of what the day will bring. The day could end with a simple eight hours or pure over into the midnight depending on the day.

Finally, Doe Deere plays her childhood music and patiently applies her particular plus orchestrated brands of makeup from her brand of course. This method can take up to an hour depending on meetings and schedules. Afterwards she is off to the office to begin the day. “Doing my makeup is my favorite part of the morning because I get to spend time with myself and be free,” (, 2017).