Sharon Prince Extols The Benefits Of The Grace Farms Foundation

Sharon Prince is a nationally recognized businesswoman and the head of the Grace Farms Foundation. This nonprofit organization is a place for a community to gather. It’s a meeting place for people to talk reflect, create, and enjoy nature. She says they encourage learning at Grace Farms and the escape from the bustle of regular life.

Her foundation is a new type of community space that advocates for humanitarian issues and justice. Her organization is an example of a new model that will inform the next generation of community spaces. Grace Farms is on 80-acres of protected land and has buildings that seamlessly flow into nature. At this place, there is art, faith, justice, community, and nature to explore.’

Grace Farms is open six days each week. There is no charge to be there. They have various programs throughout the year for visitors to engage in. They often have thought leaders on site, new artwork, and people from diverse backgrounds. People are able to get close to nature and explore multiple paths across the property. The goal is to bring people together and foster positive changes.

Sharon Prince has been leading the Grace Farms Foundation since it was founded. She is the chair and president of the organization. She has provided this organization with a vision of what it can become through collective effort. She has partnered with public and private sector groups in order to facilitate learning and growth. They have a thoughtful mission statement and allow people from everywhere in the world to take part in their activities. She says that she has no doubt that Grace Farms will inspire similar community spaces to develop in the future.

More about Grace Farms and Sharon Prince’s role in the foundation backing it can be found in this article.

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Celebrating Edwin Miranda’s Accomplishments in the Global Marketing Sector

Edwin Miranda is one of the most celebrated marketers in the world. He is the marketing expert behind successful businesses in the world. But, what role did he play in the success of those businesses?

Mr. Miranda is the co-founder of KOI IXS, a Miami-based marketing agency serving clients from various parts of the world. KOI IXS uses modern analytics, well-researched data, and consumer insights to formulate customized marketing solutions for small to large business enterprises.
Into the bargain, Edwin Miranda’s company collaborates with seasoned brand strategists and marketing thinkers who guide KOI’s clients through the competitive business industry. KOI IXS has been serving the industry for over 25 years.

Apart from KOI IXS, Edwin Miranda has managed several marketing agencies serving United States’ entrepreneurs. In 2017, the celebrated marketing expert worked as the president of iCrossing, an advertising agency based in Puerto Rico.

Miranda supervised a team of employees who produced custom branded content and digital marketing services for iCrossing’s clients. It served Amazon, Toyota, Bayer, and thousands of clients from Asia, the United States, and Europe.

Before co-founding KOI IXS, Edwin Miranda served as the Vice President at Angelo Medina Entertainment. He managed Ricky Martin, Robi Draco, and other top artists based in Latin America.

Apart from managing the artists, Mr. Miranda streamlined the artist management company’s operations. He standardized the company’s procedures by acquiring modern technological solutions.

In 1991, Edwin Miranda worked as senior manager of NATCOM Global, a Miami based digital studio that specializes in content creation, brand storytelling, and video marketing. NATCOM serves the global market.

During his tenure, Miranda helped NATCOM to market Banana Boat’s sun care products and Budweiser’ Ice Draft. Also, the celebrated marketer helped the company to amass more customers, increase its sales, as well as improve its financial viability. He served NATCOM from 1991 to 1993.

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