Jeremy Goldstein’s Lasting Client Relationships

The life of a modern day lawyer is one that is full of tedious workloads, but the human relationships formed make the job completely worth it. Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who applies traditional methods in a modern world. As the co-founder of the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates law firm, he receives new cases all throughout the year. He and his team specialize in business disputes that could revolve around anything from CEO advising to compensation issues. As someone who has been representing business clients for decades, Jeremy Goldstein has a lot of experience about how the modern business industry. In a recent Ideamensch interview, Jeremy Goldstein took a moment to reflect on his career up to this point.


The gateway into the lawyer business is not an easy threshold to cross. Jeremy Goldstein started from the bottom by first earning his B.A. from Cornell University. He then wasted no time in acquiring his M.A. from New York University. The final piece of his education came in the form of a J.D. at New York University. Once he had all the academic credentials covered, Jeremy Goldstein realized that making a name for himself was going to be difficult. He struggled in client outreach, and as such stumbled around a lot in his early years. However, the times were rapidly changing in the business industry.


It was nearly a decade ago when businesses realized that conflicts of interest were unacceptable. This resulted a massive internal restructuring of countless businesses around the land. Jeremy Goldstein stood at the edge of this change and realized this was void he was looking for. As an outsider, he could provide the level of unbiased representation that these businesses were looking for. Currently in the present day, he has seen more sides of a business than he ever imagined. He firmly believes that there it not a case he can’t handle.


The secret to Jeremy Goldstein’s long lasting law career is how he connects with each client that walks into the office. He keeps the line of communication open at all times. During sessions with the client he likes to get to know them as people, not the businessman. Jeremy Goldstein believes this approach yields the greatest level of advice. At the end of the day, he is lucky to have a loyal client base. His reputation for winning cases has spread far and wide.


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Bruno Fagali: Benefits Of Hiring A Competent Lawyer

Are you going through a complex personal or business legal issue in Brazil? Do you want to find one of the top rated attorneys in Brazil? Every day many people encounter legal issues and want to find a good lawyer or law firm to help them resolve the situation promptly.

In Brazil, a lot of corporations, establishments and professionals turn to Bruno Fagali for proper guidance and advice. Numerous high-profile individuals trust Bruno to handle their tough cases for them.

Finding a law firm or lawyer with a good reputation will reassure you that you’re taking the right step. Whether accurate or not, people who choose highly-rated attorneys or law firms feel a whole lot better about their legal issue.

A lawyer like Bruno Fagali will give you confidence that your case will be resolved appropriately. Bruno has been in the industry for many years and he comes highly recommended. Any business or entrepreneur who wants to get the best possible representation or guidance, should consider getting in touch with Bruno.

For business and commercial litigation matters, it’s imperative to get help from a renowned attorney. Many business owners and corporate executives seek expert assistance with management and legal issues. Not all of these issues can be resolved easily, so it’s always advisable to have a knowledgeable professional by your side.

Companies often face complex legal issues such as disputes with other organizations, groups of individuals, or government entities, which require a thorough knowledge of both the industry and business situation of the client. That’s where an experienced business or corporate lawyer comes in.

It is important that you get a consultation with an attorney before you ultimately decide to have them represent you. Don’t waste time and money hiring someone who is not the right attorney for situation. You need to make sure that the attorney or law group you’re considering, has the resources and knowledge to deal with the type of legal situation you’re facing.

Bruno Fagali is passionate about rendering top notch advice and representation to those that come to him for help. He receives countless positive reviews from clients and he can help you get the best possible outcome in your case.

If you believe that another entity has violated your rights, of if you are in need of reliable legal advice, contact Bruno Fagali right away.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Why Companies Should Shift to EPS

Employees who are working for the largest corporations in the United States are asking for their employers a new and innovative way for them to receive their bonuses and incentives. According to a New York City-based lawyer and writer, Jeremy Goldstein, the most plausible way for the companies to consider now is providing their employees with the earnings per share system, or the EPS system. He believes that the innovative and revolutionary system would transform the way corporations provide incentives to their employees. Jeremy Goldstein believes that the EPS system is a promising scheme that would be embraced by more businesses in the future. Learn more:



He explained that through the EPS system, the employees would be given a share of their company, and this can be invested through the stock market. The EPS will be under the employee’s name, and they would have the option to hold on to the stock and to wait for it to increase in value. Alternatively, they can sell their holdings and get their cash on hand. Jeremy Goldstein believes that by teaching the employees on how to trade using the stock market, they will be able to appreciate the EPS system. It would also give them a chance to receive more if the company reached new heights and their stock market value increased a lot. Of course, the companies would still have the option for the employees to take monetary incentives aside from the EPS incentive.



Jeremy Goldstein also pointed out that by using the EPS system, the employees would display an increase in productivity, and they will be able to do more things at work when given the EPS incentive. Jeremy Goldstein believes that the increase in productivity is the result of the thinking that if they are working more, chances are they will be receiving more incentives that can increase in value over time. More businesses are already considering the system, and some of them are already in the testing phase. Companies would, later on, report their findings to see how the corporate industry would react.



When asked about the EPS system, some employees are showing interest in the scheme and stated that they would be happy to try it out. Jeremy Goldstein is emphasizing the EPS system, saying that with the innovative kind of investment, employees will be able to take a grasp as to how trading works, and it would help them out a lot in the future.