Article Title: Jana Messerschmidt Career in Lightspeed

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Many years ago, educating the girl child was unheard of. Parents were only taking care of the educational needs of their boys because they would become the family heads. Women, on the other hand, had very little to learn in life. Most of them were taking care of the chores in the house and raising children. The modern times have brought a new revolution in the lives of millions of women in the society. Most of them are fighting to acquire leadership roles in the corporate industry. Those who have already earned leadership positions have proven that they are capable over the years. Jana Messerschmidt is among these special women. The businesswoman is a managing partner in one of the top organizations in the United States, known as Lightspeed.

Jana Lightspeed Involvement in technology

The technology industry has always been a place for men. Jana Lightspeed doesn’t believe in this. According to her, people who want to succeed in life must learn how to embrace technology so that they can deal with the competition in the market. Engineering is one of the areas that Jana understands well. The businesswoman joined the consumer investing team in Lightspeed a few years ago. For a long time, the career woman had spent in many new organizations, and she had ensured that they were doing well. In her new role, Jana Lightspeed has so many roles which include being in charge of business development, engineering, sales and marketing. In the years she has worked in this company, Jana has shown that she can be a reputable leader who knows all her responsibilities. Being the leader of a large company is not a walk in the park for anyone. Messerschmidt believes that she has achieved so much because she can balance her personal and professional life.

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