Towards Dr. Saad Saad’s Journey to Success

Born in Palestine, Dr. Saad has been a successful pediatric surgeon where he has operated on very many patients within Palestine and abroad. In a recent interview, he talked about the various life lessons that he followed to give him the massive success he has now.

His accomplishments in life were not only gained because of his career in the medical health world, but also becoming enthusiastic in his life. Some of the two lessons learned from Dr. Saad Saad were.

Accepting Nothing but Success

According to Dr. Saad, he had a difficult child hood during their transitional period from Palestine to Westbank. His parents had to relocate where reuniting with his father was enormously difficult. Palestine was undergoing changes by that time so as the oil was discovered in the middle east, his father got a job of working as a mechanic.

Due to the high demand of petroleum in middle east and other foreign markets, Dr. Saad had to move with his family to Kuwait where most of his childhood revolved. Due to the hard life they had faced, his father kept ion reminding him of having a higher education and having knowledge to become somebody in this life. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

In Kuwait, they visited a construction site one day where the temperatures affected his medical health. since it a country characterized by very high temperatures in the summers, he was affected by heat stroke. Dr. Saad realized that he could not work outdoors or spend much time in excess heat.

He realized that the operating rooms were the only places that had fresh air conditions and therefore wanted to become a pediatric surgeon. Surprisingly, the experience made3 him pursue his career in the medical world. His father always encouraged him in the pursuit of his goals until he completed his studies. According to Dr. Saad, any person can rise from dust to glory with a determination behind.

Accomplishing Goals When you can

The US based pediatric surgeon set his mind to join the US Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon after moving to USA. since gaining such a title was very rare within that time, he enhanced hi education through pursuing higher learning. In the 1980s he successfully joined the board fluent in two international languages.

Due to the fluency in both English and Arabic he gained prestigious jobs such as the working for the Saudi Royal family. He conducted complex surgeries in children in Saudi Arabia for several years and returned back to the USA. Since then he has conducted thousands of surgeries among children and came up with several new procedures to enhance his career.

He has saved thousands of lives throughout his career and philanthropy missions in Palestine for giving back to the community. In the interview, Dr. Saad talked about the importance of accomplishing task without having to wait from tomorrow. he followed this rule which has made him gain the success he has now.

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