Agera Energy: What You Should Know

Agera Energy is a company committed to providing its clients with the right guidance and pieces of advice. It educates and also empowers its clients to make the most accurate energy decisions. To them, it is all about kilowatts hours as well as therms. The company has the ambition of bringing a change when it comes to issues to do with the energy supply. Read more at about Agera Energy.

Energy is extremely important to any person. Besides being typical to any homeowner, it is also a top line-item to several businesses. The founders realized that the previous suppliers failed to treat their customers in the right manner. They realized that there is actually an opportunity to be different. Therefore, they founded a company that is not only committed to serving their clients but also doing it in a different manner. Agera Energy treats its customers with the seriousness they deserve. They know that it is their responsibility to provide their customers with quality and right services. This is actually where and how the difference begins. Watch this video about Agera Energy on Youtube.


The history and achievements of Agera

Agera Energy was started in the year 2014. During the first month of the year, there was a severe winter that turned the budget of their retail suppliers as well as customers upside down. In other words, the company started when the demand for power was extremely high. Customers were in need of guidance, protection, and change. The good thing was that Agera Energy had the capability of providing their customers with all these.

Some of the Energy suppliers, who were there at that time, did not have the capability of providing their clients with adequate help because of financial challenges, poor governance, and many other issues. In other words, the industry experienced several changes now that many suppliers were going out of the market. Agera Energy dove-in with full force. They had the ability and enthusiasm to serve the customers.

The company acquired many new customers. It was able to train and send a large sales team to the market place not only to make direct sales but also to find out and understand what their customers really wanted. Direct interaction with the customers helped them know what the actual needs of the customers are.