Oren Frank: The Value and Significance of Psychotherapy

The Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Talkspace are known as Oren Frank. He created one of the most leading and popular online and mobile psychotherapy organization that was established in order to make therapy more affordable and accessible to those who need it throughout the country and across the world. In the contemporary and modern world today that we live in, the company that Oren Frank has built greatly influenced mental health care because of its convenience and effectiveness. Mental health is considered as a global societal crisis which is why Talkspace has the ability to give the proper care to everyone who would want to improve their well-being as well as enhancing their mental health. Frank has an excellent leadership skill that has helped millions of men and women to connect with licensed doctors and therapists. Most of his clients are those who did not have easy access to therapy for years. Talkspace has been the most efficient and cost-effective platform for people who are in need of extensive therapy. Check out ideamensch.com to read full interview of Oren Frank.

Oren Frank strongly believes that technological advancements and innovation leads to a better society. He created Talkspace along with his wife years ago and their primary objective is to be able to provide therapy for everyone no matter what age, lifestyle, or race. They were able to launch Talkspace successfully with a strong mindset that health care is a moral right that everyone deserves, and having the power to access value and support from psychotherapy is the solution to one of the world’s global crisis.

Oren Frank has been a successful man because of his deep understanding and expertise in Marketing and Advertising. He has worked with different major companies throughout the nation and is recognized as creative strategies and one of the biggest voices in the world of media and marketing. Talkspace earned its notable reputation and success because of Frank’s leadership, talent, and skills. He maintained a company that is built on moral values and employees who have the same mission and vision as him. He has spent years building Talkspace and achieved it through his personal experience in couples therapy along with his wife.

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Roseann Bennett Suggests Taking Care of Mental Health As a Priority

The level of importance applied to physical health should also be given to mental health. The flu requires rest meaning you cannot work and your coworkers appreciate you not bringing the contagious illness into them. There are those who believe it is a personal weakness to be mentally ill. Jobs will be completed more efficiently if everyone begins looking at mental health the same way as physical health. Mental Health Days can be beneficial to companies.

Improved Focus

It can be difficult to focus on your work if distractions in your life are disrupting your mental health. Taking time off to deal with the things that are preventing you from focusing is the best thing to do for yourself and your job. Overall functioning will improve once you have cleared your mind by allowing all of your focus to go to the distractions. Work, sleep and concentration will improve.

See A Specialist

Long breaks for lunch are not enough time to have a mental health visit. These appointments deserve the same respect as visits to your general health care provider. Take enough time off to ensure you take care of your needs comfortably whether it is having medication checked or seeing a therapist. A single day to take care of mental health will prevent extended leaves later when the problems are no longer manageable.


The body and mind need to be recharged just like electronics. Take an occasional day to relax because when stress is high it can make you both physically and mentally ill. Your attendance at work will be better when you take a day for yourself because you will not become sick as easily. Productivity is also increased when you take a day for yourself and forget your worries.

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