A Look at the Career Life of Ashley Lightspeed at Lightspeed Venture Partners and Beyond

Ashley Brasier has built a successful career racking up accomplishments helping companies to grow. She is particularly known for contributing immensely to the development of some of the top companies in the United States in the last one decade. Since she was a young girl, Ashley has been fascinated about the process of developing new services, products, and business models.

Ashley Lightspeed applies her extensive knowledge and deep love for developing new products at Lightspeed Venture Partners as a partner. She brings a unique perspective as well as striking knack for spotting as well as creating trends to bear. She went to Duke University and after graduating, she started working at Bain & Company. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.

She later moved to Thumbtack, a tech startup which connected professionals with local clients. Ashley Lightspeed helped to build Events and Weddings platform of the company. She helped the company to become one of the largest online marketplaces for recruiting events-related services.

She eventually started working at Lightspeed Venture Capital after graduating from Stanford Business School. She sought new challenges to propel her career to the next level. Ashley has had opportunities to work with start-ups living the thrill and facing challenges head-on.

She took an interesting path which saw her become a partner at the firm. While in business school, she yearned for working at Thumbtack because she loved working at the company. She sought an opportunity to work with Thumbtack again while studying. She offered consultancy services under Thumbtack while studying. Her former colleagues developed an interest in her projects and introduced her to startups that needed a growth strategy. She worked her way to become a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Ashley Lightspeed is an early bird and she starts her day at 6 AM. Her day is characterized by meetings and traveling to meet portfolio companies. The San Francisco-based entrepreneur takes time off some times to soul search and self-reflect.

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