Malcolm CasSelle, The Future of Blockchain

There is no more perfect union than in-game, virtual buying and blockchain technology. Current virtual marketplaces are crippled, due to cross-border regulations and payment processing. The acceptance of cryptocurrency is transforming the landscape.

Enter the WAX token and Malcolm CasSelle. OPSkins is a world leader in the area of in-game virtual sales. CasSelle realized the market inefficiencies and created WAX. A decentralized market using blockchain to eliminate fragmentation and fraud.

The WAX platform allows gaming buyers and sellers to tokenize their services. With the help of a widget, users can immediately buy or sell from each other without concern of getting paid. The WAX token is a legitimate international denomination recognized by all gamers on the network. The gaming community will bring cryptocurrency mainstream predicts Malcolm CasSelle.

CasSelle has made a career overseeing rapid growth companies. He has led several startup companies in the media space. Malcolm was a co-founder of PCCW, a Hong Kong telecom valued in excess of $35 billion.

In 1995, CasSelle served as CTO of NetNoir, one of the first websites focused on Afrocentric studies. CasSelle has been an innovator his entire career. In April of 2012, CasSelle was named CEO of Xfire. The company provided a proprietary instant messaging service for gamers. Joining MediaPass in 2013, Malcolm served as CEO. MediaPass was an online solution provider to generate subscription revenues.

Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of MIT. He has a graduate degree in computer science from Stanford University.

Malcolm recognized the obstacles with in-game purchasing. The process was fraught with security issues. Users were continually experiencing seller delivery issues and settlement disputes.

WAX is solving the significant fraud issues associated with virtual in-game transactions. Blockchain is addressing many of these transactional roadblocks. Intermediaries are still required to ensure the goods are transferred as agreed. Middle-men who previously pushed up costs are no longer involved. Buyers and sellers are seeing substantial increases for their products.

Smart contracts and the blockchain technology eliminate the demand for middle-men that were once considered indispensable. The virtual asset marketplace will benefit immeasurably from the decentralized WAX platform. Economic inefficiencies will soon be eliminated

The future of cryptocurrency and blockchain is now.