How Securus Technologies Uses Software to Prevent Crime Inside Prison Walls

Securus Technologies shared an interesting article recently. The article highlighted quotes from the company’s actual clients. The quotes detailed exactly how correctional institutes and law enforcement use the technology to prevent crime. While prison technology isn’t exactly the most fascinating subject, I did enjoy learning a little more about how dangerous cell phones can be when used behind bars. Literally almost any crime can be committed from prison if the inmate has access to a cell phone.


Some of the quotes were very specific to certain instances. For example, one testimonial talked about how a local Sheriff’s office was able to recover illegal assets using Securus Technologies. They used Securus’ location based software to track down the criminals who had been hiding a large store of drugs and firearms and arrest them. Using location based software surely cut down on the amount of time and energy that was needed to track down and recover the illegal assets.


Another quote talked about how a correctional institute uses Securus Technologies to uncover just what exactly happened when an inmate accuses someone of assault. They could be accusing another inmate or one of the corrections officers of assault. Securus Technologies allows the correctional facility to learn exactly what happened and who was at fault. This also likely saves a great deal of time and energy for the people who work at the correctional institute.


Another quote cited Securus’ reporting data as a great deal of help in being proactive at preventing contraband in their institute. Securus is known for its great deal of helpful reporting data that can be used in a variety of ways, depending on what the person or institute needs it for.


The article shed a lot of light on how important it is for correctional facilities to have the technology they need to prevent crime inside prison walls.


Jake Gottlieb, Philanthropy, Medical Care and More

Jacob Jay Gottlieb is an employee who works for Visium Asset Management. This is a firm that concentrates on alternative investment advisory matters. He’s the firm’s CIO (Chief Investment Officer) and managing partner at this time. The aim at Visium Asset Management is to produce strong returns that are not correlated. It is to do so in a range of diverse market settings. Gottlieb established Visium Asset Management in late 2005. He did so with the assistance of 20 experts in the investment field. These people came from a company that was called Balyasny Asset Management. Gottlieb became part of the Balyasny Asset Management crew in 2001. He had a fulfilling job prior to that as well. Gottlieb enjoyed productive positions as a Sanford C. Bernstein buy-side analyst and Merlin portfolio supervisor.

Gottlieb is a Brooklyn, New York native who attended a widely known Ivy League school called Brown University. Brown University is located in New England’s Providence, Rhode Island. He did so well at the institution of higher learning that he was actually a magna cum laude graduate. He secured an economics bachelor’s degree there. His education was nowhere near complete after his time at Brown University was up. Once he had his bachelor’s degree, he headed back to the Big Apple to study at New York University Medical School. That’s the school that gave him his medical degree.

Gottlieb’s life began in the borough of Brooklyn. He was reared alongside brothers who were younger than him. His parents were Polish immigrants who had been on American soil since the sixties. Max Gottlieb, PhD is the name of Gottlieb’s dad. He works for CUNY (the City University of New York) as an economics professor. Gottlieb’s mother is just as esteemed in her vocation. Helena Gottlieb is a doctor who specializes in pediatric care.

This professional is someone who adores and appreciates hard work. He’s also someone who is fond of keeping up with his most beloved pastimes. He has an enthusiasm for baseball that’s unsurpassed in intensity. Baseball card trading was one of his biggest hobbies when he was younger. He was particularly keen on collecting anything associated with the Yankees. Gottlieb realized that he possessed a rare and distinctive power when he was in junior high. He participated in a school contest that revolved around stock choices. He came in at number one when all was said and done. Gottlieb dazzled his father with his proficiency. This encouraged his father to immediately set up an investment trading account for the boy. Gottlieb got a lot of insight regarding entrepreneurship around this time, too. He assists charitable organizations such as Math for America, Covenant House and Robin Hood Organization. He cares about philanthropic interests.

Where to Get a Brazilian Butt Lift in Dallas

Our backsides have long been a part of what physical attractiveness is considered among women and men. Once upon a time women would wear a bustle to make the behind more shapely. Sometimes very slender behinds have been more popular. In the film Sleepless in Seattle, the male lead character and his friend discuss how women of today consider whathet or not if their boyfriend has a cute butt. In the modern day and age shapely and fit behinds are what is most popular. Butt lift surgery is the modern day bustle. People who are displeased with the shape of their butt can adjust it with a butt lift. A Brazilian butt lift is different from a regular butt left because it involves argumentation as well as lifting of sagging skin.

Some things to know before getting this procedure is to consider that you need to be healthy. This means you should avoid drinking during the process of your procedure. You need to be a non-smoker. And your body should have enough excessive skin in the butt talks region to make the procedure necessary. And you must be at a stable weight. You cannot gain a lot of weight or lose a lot of weight after having the surgery because it will affect the results of the butt lift that you receive. The cost cost is estimated to be about $2000-$10,000. You should check with your insurance before the procedure to see if any of the cost could be covered. Many plastic surgeons also offer payment plans to make it easier for clients to afford this procedure.

Picking out a plastic surgeon is important. You should ask around amongst people you know who have gotten this procedure. You should ask for a medical professional to give you a referral to a plastic surgeon. Look at reviews of local plastic surgeons. You should make sure that your plastic surgeon is accredited and that you feel comfortable with them performing your procedure. In Dallas there are a few different options that you can select from out of the plastic surgeons in the area. The doctors Christine Stiles, Denton Watumull, John Standefer, Vasdev Rei, Matthias Solomon, Bardia Amirlak, Jeffrey Kenkel, David Genecov, and Warren Katz are some examples of accredited plastic surgeons in the Dallas area.


Malcolm CasSelle is Ready to Take Cryptocurrency’s Next Step

Malcolm CasSelle began following the trend of technology advancement in 1995. A graduate of Stanford with a degree in computer science he co-founded NetNoir, the first media production websites for Afrocentric culture. The business gained the attention of AOL’s Greenhouse program, becoming the first exterior business to receive an investment by AOL.


In 1998 CasSelle became senior vice president for a telco service provider called Cyberworks. In 2006 he advanced to director or Capitol Union Investments, which dealt in late stage web companies. He became part of the gaming market in 2012, acting as CEO for a global social network for gamers called Xfire. In 2013 he became CEO of MediaPass, and extended his knowledge of the market to paywall solutions for online revenue. This would be the first time he dealt in digital content.


Prior to Bitcoin and the rise of cryptocurrency, the gaming market began dealing in virtual assets. Downloadable content that added to a core video game. Such content was in the form of weapons, costumes, even extra levels and missions. The rise of the smartphone led to many pay as you play games, operating in their own forms of digital currency used to purchase in-game assets. At present though no gamer can receive a return of investment. The currency delegates to the game of its origin. Cryptocurrency is now set to change that, and Malcolm CasSelle is in the pilot seat.


At present CasSelle is the CIO for OPSkins, a world leader in in-game assets sales. OPSkins is also the largest bitcoin merchant globally. CasSelle was an early investor in bitcoin, and his understanding of the market has led to the creation of WAX. WAX, or Worldwide Asset eXchange, is a P2P market designed to allow players to trade and sell digital assets. For the first time gamers will be able to achieve a return of investment. Many have said that all the gaming market needs is one company to take a leap. Well, Malcom CasSelle just dove out of the plane. Time we show how many companies will follow.


Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Unperturbed by Arpaio’s latest Pardon and Vow to Continue Fight

The pardoning of former Maricopa County sheriff, Joe Arpaio has been greeted with a lot of disdain in the civil rights circles and by the media fraternity in Arizona and outside the state’s boundaries.

The matters concerning the former sheriff returned into the limelight, after a judge validated President’s Donald Trump’s previous pardon. According to the Phoenix New Times report published on November 2017, US District Judge Susan Bolton pardoned Joe Arpaio following his conviction for criminal contempt, in a case where he was accused of ignoring Federal Judge’s orders concerning a racial profiling lawsuit filed in 2007.

Civil rights activists all across the state were perturbed by the development, which came just a few weeks before the former sheriff was to receive sentence. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

It should be remembered that 10 years ago, Arpaio was accused of arresting Jim Larkin and Michel Lacey, the former co-owners of the Phoenix New Times. The arrest in October 2017 ignited immediate condemnation from people across the political divide. The story appeared in several national media outlets, including the New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today.

Larkin and Lacey were paid a settlement of $3.7 million by the board of supervisors following an admission of guilt by the Maricopa County attorney general and a staunch Arpaio ally, Mr. Andrew Thomas. The vowed to continue revealing scandalous activities permeated the sheriff’s during his 24 year reign. Lacey accused Joe Arpaio of corruption in high office, adding that the sheriff oversaw worst cases of torture and racism.

The accusations included poor treatment of inmates, inmate suicides, beatings, sex crimes, harassment of Latinos and diversion of jail funds amounting over $100 million. Arpaio was elected in 1992 after retiring from the Drug Enforcement Administration. Although his reform credentials earned him the title “America’s Toughest Sheriff”, his tenure will, however, be remembered as one of the most atrocious.

The most memorable wrongful deaths attributed to the sheriff include that of a diabetic woman who slipped into coma after she was denied medications and the death of a mentally ill Army veteran. During his reign, Arpaio consistently banned New Times journalists from his press briefings and threatened to arrest them for highlighting the ills that bedeviled his leadership.

Michael Lacey is a son of a construction laborer. He came to Arizona in 1960 to study at Arizona State University before dropping out in 1970. Two years later, he teamed up with Jim Larkin to established Phoenix New Times. Lacey served as the CEO while Larkin took up the position of Executive Directors at Village voice Media.

The journalists decided to sell the media house to the Voice Media Group in 2013. The push to support the right of Latinos and other immigrants saw the newsmen establish the the Frontera Fund.

According to an excerpt on, Frontera Fund and other like-minded groups have pointed out that they will continue to fight against the former sheriff and his policies in spite of the pardon from the President and District Judge Susan Bolton.

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Ricardo Tosto: Choosing A Competent Business Lawyer In Brazil

Are you going through tough situation with your business? Do you need a legal expert to advise and guide you? In Brazil, business owners and organizations rely on Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho for help.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a top business and corporate litigator and has been representing clients for over 22 years. Ricardo Tosto has one of the most prominent law firms in Brazil and has clients throughout the nation. His clients rave about the outstanding service he renders to them.

Of the many pitfalls that new entrepreneurs might encounter, a lack of understanding of the legal issues involved in running a business ranks high on the list. Numerous business owners and entrepreneurs might not considering a business lawyer.

If you need an expert lawyer to provide top notch legal advice or representation, Ricardo Tosto is your clear choice. Ricardo Tosto will take the time to review your case and work with you to come up with the best way to approach the matter and get you the desired outcome.

You no longer need to wonder where to find an attorney who is well known for rendering excellent legal solutions. Ricardo Tosto is available and willing to fight for his clients and protect their rights and he can be by your side throughout the legal process.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has great expertise in business law and corporate related matters and is one of the leading attorneys in his field. Ricardo Tosto is well respected in the legal community due to his powerful strategies both in and out of court.

Ricardo Tosto strives to avoid expensive legal procedures, saving money and time for his clients. But if negotiation fails, Mr Ricardo Tosto will take the matter to court and proceed with litigation. Ricardo Tosto is a great lawyer and one of the most reputable and experienced business litigators.

Ricardo Tosto advises and represents entrepreneurs, organizations and professionals who are serious about getting top notch service. He will provide you with excellent legal solutions and ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome. Click here

Boraie Development Is In The Middle Of Updating New Jersey’s Housing

Many things have changed since the 2008 crisis and while some states have adapted and experienced a rebirth in their real estate markets with a lot of buyers, others have seen much stagnation and vacancies on a lot of properties, some of which are buildings that have not been updated in 40 years or more. New Jersey is one of those states that has seen such stagnation and is looking to come out of it. Boraie Development is a company that’s working to fill in voids in the market there, especially those found among younger city workers and college graduates entering employment, and they’ve been investing in great quality properties in New Brunswick and its surrounding areas. Check out Press of Atlantic City for more.

When Boraie Development began their first building project, New Brunswick was in real trouble in the housing and commercial markets. Omar Boraie came there over 50 years ago to complete a doctorate’s degree in chemistry, and while teaching at Rutgers he felt overcome with a desire to turn a city whose downtown wasn’t even safe to go out in after dark, into a brand new place for business. Boraie started financing property purchases, and upon doing so showed urban development leaders what he wanted to do with the properties, but most of them thought he was out of his mind to think he could undertake the project. But he went to work anyway, and by 1988 his first commercial property, an 8-story building and its parking garage were completed and soon tenants started moving in. By 2003, that building had now become part of a thriving commercial hub on Albany Street that now had businesses moving back in where 30 years ago they had all but left. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The housing projects taken up by Boraie Development had been small-scale up until about 2006 when they had a 25-story high rise built on Spring Street, and this condominium shocked everyone when it became completely rented out in just months after its construction. By now people no longer doubted what Omar Boraie and his sons Wasseem and Sam could do with their investments, and soon more city leaders and contractors started partnering up with them. The latest big housing projects have been The Aspire, an 18-story apartment complex with easy access to the New York City metro, and now the Beach at South Inlet which is set to give Atlantic City a big housing stock for its workers. Omar Boraie also has given millions to Rutgers University for cancer research, and in honor of his contributions the university’s genomic research department named the Omar Boraie Chair for him.

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Traveling With the Help of the Fagali’I Airport

When you’re traveling, you know that you need a high-quality airport that you can use to get on a plane. If you’re traveling either to or from the Samoa area, you might want to consider the Fagali’I Airport. The Fagali’I Airport is Samoa’s largest airport, as they offer both local and international airlines for your traveling convenience. This means that you can feel confident knowing that you’re traveling with the help of professionals who are there to make your flight experience a quick and pleasant one.

Like Fagali’I Airport on Facebook

What sets the Fagali’I Airport apart from so many others in the area is the amount of people traveling through their two separate airlines according to The Fagali’I Airport offers two airlines known as Samoa America and Fagali’I Airlines. These two options allow customers to travel either locally or abroad, whichever fits their traveling needs the best. Once you decide to make use of the Fagali’I Airport, you’re well on your way to ensuring that your flight is going to go smoothly and quickly according to Plus, the Fagali’I Airport offers low-cost flights for those traveling on a budget. This makes it an ideal option for individuals who are traveling for business purposes and need to keep costs to a minimum or families who are on a strict budget for their vacation.

Despite the fact that the Fagali’I Airport was originally owned by local government agencies, it was bought out by Polynesian Airlines and reopened to the general public as a way to travel to and from the area. You can book any and all of your flights through the Fagali’I Airport website, as it has been redesigned to make it easy and quick for you to get a flight at the best price possible. It is recommended that when you travel through the Fagali’I Airport, you book your flight several weeks or months in advance to ensure that you’re getting both the best price possible and the best seat available to you. Once you book your flight, you’ll be one of the millions of people who are traveling through the Fagali’I Airport each and every single year.


Betsy DeVos – on topic article

Betsy DeVos, the new United States Secretary of Education under President Donald Trump, is known for a variety of things. She and her husband are known for their philanthropy as well as their activism. Betsy DeVos in particular is known for her efforts to reform education in the United States. An interview recently conducted with Mrs. DeVos by Philanthropy Roundtable lent a great deal of insight into what she has done and what she plans to do in the future.


During this interview, Betsy DeVos said that she’s extremely optimistic about private school voucher programs that she has set into motion. She says that the growth of the movement is faster than ever, with 40,000 new students entering educational choice programs in the last year alone. In addition, many new programs in different states have come into play. She states that public school programs are currently failing, which is only helping her cause.


When she talks about what got her started in education reform, she says that it was not one moment that drew her into this cause. However, she said that she and her husband saw many parents who were not able to provide for their children what they were able to provide for their own. They believed that it was important to support the individual students in all of their endeavors and dreams for the future. Betsy and her husband saw that low-income children and their parents were the ones that needed the most help, so they decided to concentrate all of their intention there. Betsy started a foundation that would provide scholarships for these low-income families, so that parents would have the freedom to make choices as to how their children would have taken their education. However, she did realize quickly that this was not going to solve the problem on the level that she wanted to solve it, as this would only help a few people and not all of the people who needed help. Becoming more involved in the educational choice movement on a political level was clearly what needed to be done in order to exercise the influence that Betsy DeVos wanted to exercise.


Because she wanted to have more influence then through simple philanthropy and providing a few scholarships to a few people, she served on the boards of national charities that were in place to address the issue of education reform. She even went so far as to start a political action committee in the state of Michigan that was meant to expand the influence of charter schools all throughout Michigan. However, her influence spread to other states as well, and she claims that she has had the most success with her efforts in the state of Florida.


Betsy DeVos is a strong member of the Republican party, but she believes that her efforts are soon going to be supported by democrats as well. She is particularly focused on educational choice, and she wants every child to be able to go to school and choose their schools without the restrictions of poverty. Learn more:

New technology gives guards a leg up in fight against illegal cell phones in prison

One of the most serious threats that confronts the nation’s prisons is that posed by illegal cell phones. As the primary means that organized gangs can use to communicate with associates on the outside of prison, illegal cell phones allow for these dangerous organizations to continue to ply their criminal trade, even as their top leadership is incarcerated in high-security facilities.


The problem of illicit cell phones first started becoming apparent in the mid 1990s, when cell phones became small enough that handheld devices could readily be smuggled into the nation’s prisons. The problem only accelerated throughout the 2000s, with devices becoming ever smaller and the computer chips used in them becoming ever more powerful. Today, with the advent of smart phones, organized criminal gangs operating within prison have the same kind of communications and computation power in a single contraband cellular device that corporations such as IBM had in the 1960s. This is extremely bad news for prison administrators and even society at large, as these well-organized criminal groups make ample use of these illegal cell phones to carry out large-scale criminal activity, including interfering with the justice system and even ordering hits on those who stand in the way of gangs’ profits.



Securus Technologies has a solution


But now, Securus Technologies, the most prominent inmate communications provider in the U.S., has a solution to the problem of illegal cell phones being introduced into the nation’s prison system. Through its Wireless Containment System, the company is making some of the most significant strides towards the total elimination of contraband cellular devices that have ever been seen.


The system is now deployed in dozens of carceral facilities throughout the country. In those institutions, it has a proven track record of making it nearly impossible for those placing calls from unauthorized cellular devices to get through to outside networks, completely eliminating the ability of prison gangs to easily communicate with their associates on the outside.


The system also makes it very easy for officers to detect, locate and confiscate any illegal device that has been smuggled into the prison or that is operating without authorization. The Wireless Containment System has the capability to home in on any signal being emitted from any cellular device within the institution’s grounds, giving officers a pinpoint location on a visual user interface that shows them precisely where the illegal phone is located.


This has given officers in prisons where the system has been deployed a huge leg up on the problem, with the virtual elimination of all unauthorized communications within the prisons where the system is operating.


Through advancements such as these, Securus continues to deploy technology that is saving lives throughout the nation’s prisons.