Sharon Prince Extols The Benefits Of The Grace Farms Foundation

Sharon Prince is a nationally recognized businesswoman and the head of the Grace Farms Foundation. This nonprofit organization is a place for a community to gather. It’s a meeting place for people to talk reflect, create, and enjoy nature. She says they encourage learning at Grace Farms and the escape from the bustle of regular life.

Her foundation is a new type of community space that advocates for humanitarian issues and justice. Her organization is an example of a new model that will inform the next generation of community spaces. Grace Farms is on 80-acres of protected land and has buildings that seamlessly flow into nature. At this place, there is art, faith, justice, community, and nature to explore.’

Grace Farms is open six days each week. There is no charge to be there. They have various programs throughout the year for visitors to engage in. They often have thought leaders on site, new artwork, and people from diverse backgrounds. People are able to get close to nature and explore multiple paths across the property. The goal is to bring people together and foster positive changes.

Sharon Prince has been leading the Grace Farms Foundation since it was founded. She is the chair and president of the organization. She has provided this organization with a vision of what it can become through collective effort. She has partnered with public and private sector groups in order to facilitate learning and growth. They have a thoughtful mission statement and allow people from everywhere in the world to take part in their activities. She says that she has no doubt that Grace Farms will inspire similar community spaces to develop in the future.

More about Grace Farms and Sharon Prince’s role in the foundation backing it can be found in this article.

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A Look at the Career Life of Ashley Lightspeed at Lightspeed Venture Partners and Beyond

Ashley Brasier has built a successful career racking up accomplishments helping companies to grow. She is particularly known for contributing immensely to the development of some of the top companies in the United States in the last one decade. Since she was a young girl, Ashley has been fascinated about the process of developing new services, products, and business models.

Ashley Lightspeed applies her extensive knowledge and deep love for developing new products at Lightspeed Venture Partners as a partner. She brings a unique perspective as well as striking knack for spotting as well as creating trends to bear. She went to Duke University and after graduating, she started working at Bain & Company. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.

She later moved to Thumbtack, a tech startup which connected professionals with local clients. Ashley Lightspeed helped to build Events and Weddings platform of the company. She helped the company to become one of the largest online marketplaces for recruiting events-related services.

She eventually started working at Lightspeed Venture Capital after graduating from Stanford Business School. She sought new challenges to propel her career to the next level. Ashley has had opportunities to work with start-ups living the thrill and facing challenges head-on.

She took an interesting path which saw her become a partner at the firm. While in business school, she yearned for working at Thumbtack because she loved working at the company. She sought an opportunity to work with Thumbtack again while studying. She offered consultancy services under Thumbtack while studying. Her former colleagues developed an interest in her projects and introduced her to startups that needed a growth strategy. She worked her way to become a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Ashley Lightspeed is an early bird and she starts her day at 6 AM. Her day is characterized by meetings and traveling to meet portfolio companies. The San Francisco-based entrepreneur takes time off some times to soul search and self-reflect.

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Celebrating Edwin Miranda’s Accomplishments in the Global Marketing Sector

Edwin Miranda is one of the most celebrated marketers in the world. He is the marketing expert behind successful businesses in the world. But, what role did he play in the success of those businesses?

Mr. Miranda is the co-founder of KOI IXS, a Miami-based marketing agency serving clients from various parts of the world. KOI IXS uses modern analytics, well-researched data, and consumer insights to formulate customized marketing solutions for small to large business enterprises.
Into the bargain, Edwin Miranda’s company collaborates with seasoned brand strategists and marketing thinkers who guide KOI’s clients through the competitive business industry. KOI IXS has been serving the industry for over 25 years.

Apart from KOI IXS, Edwin Miranda has managed several marketing agencies serving United States’ entrepreneurs. In 2017, the celebrated marketing expert worked as the president of iCrossing, an advertising agency based in Puerto Rico.

Miranda supervised a team of employees who produced custom branded content and digital marketing services for iCrossing’s clients. It served Amazon, Toyota, Bayer, and thousands of clients from Asia, the United States, and Europe.

Before co-founding KOI IXS, Edwin Miranda served as the Vice President at Angelo Medina Entertainment. He managed Ricky Martin, Robi Draco, and other top artists based in Latin America.

Apart from managing the artists, Mr. Miranda streamlined the artist management company’s operations. He standardized the company’s procedures by acquiring modern technological solutions.

In 1991, Edwin Miranda worked as senior manager of NATCOM Global, a Miami based digital studio that specializes in content creation, brand storytelling, and video marketing. NATCOM serves the global market.

During his tenure, Miranda helped NATCOM to market Banana Boat’s sun care products and Budweiser’ Ice Draft. Also, the celebrated marketer helped the company to amass more customers, increase its sales, as well as improve its financial viability. He served NATCOM from 1991 to 1993.

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Matt Badiali Knows that Everyone Wants Freedom

The fact is that most people are not interested in spending their lives tirelessly working and spending a large amount of their time at the workplace. Individuals want to have exposure to more things in life. They want to have more exposure to the better things in life. Individuals want to travel, they want to experience life and they want to contribute to the world in more ways than one. The fact of the matter is that unless individuals are experienced in the art of pursuing money and earning, they will not be able to have a larger view on life. They will likely have to continue with their regular schedules and hope to have some sort of break where they are able to finally do the things that they want to do. According to Matt realizes this conundrum and has a solution. He has a solution that will quite likely be of interest to those that are freedom seekers. What is the solution? Freedom checks.

What are Freedom Checks?

The question that everyone has on their mind when they hear about freedom checks is typical, what’s a freedom check? Is it something similar to Andrew Yang’s freedom dividend that is loosely based on Alaska’s petrol dividend and is widely known as basic income? Well, kind of. See, Matt Badiali and his freedom checks is primarily a concept that delves into the concept of dividends in a specific sector. The specific sector is that of Master Limited Partnerships.

What are Master Limited Partnerships?

Matt Badiali will tell you that a master limited partnership is a tax structured vehicle that is set up to pass 90% of their income to investors. They must set it up in this manner to be in line with the law. MLP’s are beneficial to all involved if everyone participates properly. MLP’s have helped to drive growth in the fuel and energy related business. They have helped to derive resources from the ground and have made quite a few people wealthy in the process. The idea is that you can participate within the MLP process, you too can be a receiver of these freedom checks, you too can become financially free. About Matt Badiali can show you how if you subscribe to him.

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Agera Energy: What You Should Know

Agera Energy is a company committed to providing its clients with the right guidance and pieces of advice. It educates and also empowers its clients to make the most accurate energy decisions. To them, it is all about kilowatts hours as well as therms. The company has the ambition of bringing a change when it comes to issues to do with the energy supply. Read more at about Agera Energy.

Energy is extremely important to any person. Besides being typical to any homeowner, it is also a top line-item to several businesses. The founders realized that the previous suppliers failed to treat their customers in the right manner. They realized that there is actually an opportunity to be different. Therefore, they founded a company that is not only committed to serving their clients but also doing it in a different manner. Agera Energy treats its customers with the seriousness they deserve. They know that it is their responsibility to provide their customers with quality and right services. This is actually where and how the difference begins. Watch this video about Agera Energy on Youtube.


The history and achievements of Agera

Agera Energy was started in the year 2014. During the first month of the year, there was a severe winter that turned the budget of their retail suppliers as well as customers upside down. In other words, the company started when the demand for power was extremely high. Customers were in need of guidance, protection, and change. The good thing was that Agera Energy had the capability of providing their customers with all these.

Some of the Energy suppliers, who were there at that time, did not have the capability of providing their clients with adequate help because of financial challenges, poor governance, and many other issues. In other words, the industry experienced several changes now that many suppliers were going out of the market. Agera Energy dove-in with full force. They had the ability and enthusiasm to serve the customers.

The company acquired many new customers. It was able to train and send a large sales team to the market place not only to make direct sales but also to find out and understand what their customers really wanted. Direct interaction with the customers helped them know what the actual needs of the customers are.


Roseann Bennett Suggests Taking Care of Mental Health As a Priority

The level of importance applied to physical health should also be given to mental health. The flu requires rest meaning you cannot work and your coworkers appreciate you not bringing the contagious illness into them. There are those who believe it is a personal weakness to be mentally ill. Jobs will be completed more efficiently if everyone begins looking at mental health the same way as physical health. Mental Health Days can be beneficial to companies.

Improved Focus

It can be difficult to focus on your work if distractions in your life are disrupting your mental health. Taking time off to deal with the things that are preventing you from focusing is the best thing to do for yourself and your job. Overall functioning will improve once you have cleared your mind by allowing all of your focus to go to the distractions. Work, sleep and concentration will improve.

See A Specialist

Long breaks for lunch are not enough time to have a mental health visit. These appointments deserve the same respect as visits to your general health care provider. Take enough time off to ensure you take care of your needs comfortably whether it is having medication checked or seeing a therapist. A single day to take care of mental health will prevent extended leaves later when the problems are no longer manageable.


The body and mind need to be recharged just like electronics. Take an occasional day to relax because when stress is high it can make you both physically and mentally ill. Your attendance at work will be better when you take a day for yourself because you will not become sick as easily. Productivity is also increased when you take a day for yourself and forget your worries.

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Rebel Wilson Celebrates her 39th Birthday in Beverly Hills

On March 2nd, Rebel Wilson celebrated her 39th birthday in a more innovative way. She posted lots of videos and pictures on her Instagram cake baking classes and doing exercises with other actresses. Rebel Wilson is working on an upcoming movie Cats as the Star.

She shared dance moves in her social media that she had learned in the movie shooting rehearsal. Being a Cat Movie, Wilson and her friends wore cat costumes in the performance that was a fun way to celebrate her birthday. She said that her friends threw her a birthday party in Beverly Hills that all ended up well with the unique exercises.

Rebel Wilsons shared praise status on her Instagram wall on the best way to work on summer through the exercises. In addition, she made her own birthday cake while at the baking class which they all celebrated with her friends at her place.

Recently the Hollywood star posted a picture with the other Cats Movie cast on stage that was incredible according to Wilson. In the movie Rebel Wilson will act alongside other icons such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Alive Idris Elba, Judi Dench among others. According to the actress, she acknowledges Taylor Swift as creating a unique vibe in the movie in its adaptation. Taylor Swift recently surprised her co-actors in Cats Cast with gifts in one of the stage events.

The Cats starring is an Australian born and raised comedy actress. She has gone through successful transformations in her career in Hollywood by bringing out her vibrant comedic act into the scenes. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Throughout her career, Rebel Wilson has featured in numerous eye catching films such as Isn’t It Romantic, Pitch Perfect, How to Be Single, Bridesmaid and Pizza to mention a few. She has acted with other famous actors in the Hollywood industry. Despite receiving a lot of critics due to her mischief acts she has been able to make her way to fame successfully. Wilsons has had so much praise from her fans who have constantly supported her through her journey in acting.

In her journey she has garnered numerous awards such as; The Best Actress Tropfest Award in 2009, Best Ensemble by Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association in 2011, Best Breakthrough and Best Musical Moment in Pitch Perfect by Performance by MTV Awards in 2012 among others.

She is also the owner of a fashion brand Torrid that was opened to sell clothes for plus size women across the world. Wilsons does not only dwell in acting but is also enthusiastic in working in other fields. Rebel Wilson has been working in charity organizations besides working as an actress. She supports young talent and giving back to the community.

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The Effective Leadership Of Mike Nierenberg

One of the most important factors when it comes to making a company or business achieve success is called leadership. It is the process and act of knowing how to influence others. A good leader is someone who knows how to delegate tasks and through leadership, the people within the organization will remain motivated, do the assigned tasks without hesitation and will complete the tasks within the given time.

Mike Nierenberg stated that his company would be nothing without its well-trained employees and good management. He has established a good leadership team that has an in-depth knowledge of the residential market and because of the experiences and expertise of the whole team.

The Growth Of a Company

Selecting the most suitable type of real estate investment trust is crucial especially when there are a lot of different options in the industry. Choose a type of REIT that you feel is best for you and your lifestyle. Mike Nierenberg’s company, New Residential Investment Corp., focuses on easy to understand and to use management of investments that are associated with residential real estate. It is a publicly traded real estate investment trust which makes the process of decision-making a lot easier for you. The main objective of the company is simple and that is to leverage investment expertise, to gain strong dividends and more investors.

The company of Mike Nierenberg is known on the New York Stock Exchange as NRZ. According to him, they maintain their goals by paying particular attention to strong risk-adjusted returns, assets that are stable and steady, and cash flows that are beneficial in the long run. New Residential Investment Corp. targets all the factors that are necessary for success and investment opportunities.

Mike Nierenberg is an example of an effective leader since he is known for transforming ideas into reality and for molding his employees into the best version of themselves. The right leadership can be felt throughout the whole company which is why the culture and work environment develops as the days go by. The leaders and employees of the entire organization must be applying the mission, vision, and goals each day.

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Neurocore Seeks Alternative Solutions to Improving the Mind

Neurofeedback technology has altered the field of neuroscience considerably. As better ways of mapping the mind are created more effective treatments are being invented, among them the brain performance centers of Neurocore. Founded in 2004 by Dr. Tim Royer the company seeks to find alternative ways to fight common mental conditions. The Florida-based company has expanded to six treatment centers and offers two kinds of treatment options for clients: neurofeedback and biofeedback. Neurofeedback seeks to improve the brains natural electric impulses whereas biofeedback attempts to optimize respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Neurocore uses cutting-edge mental conditioning and neurological therapy to find non-invasive solutions to commonly reoccurring mental disorders. Neurocore’s approach is to better understand a client’s mind using questionnaires and qEEG technology. Once mapped, Neurocore technicians collect data and create a format of activities and exercises designed to build up the brain. The idea is to strengthen the mind so it can better fight whatever condition is affecting it. Neurocore also offers its treatment to individuals seeking to optimize their minds. It even hosts memory boot camps to aid clients in building focus and acuity.

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The RealReal Redefining How We Consignment Shop

The RealReal, founded in 2011 by Julie Wainwright, is a luxury consignment start-up application with two storefronts in New York City and West Hollywood. The founder, Julie Wainwright, has a robust history in the tech industry with over 20 years of experience. The e-commerce consignment start-up has had one of the biggest track records of growth and shifts in the retail industry in the last few years. Sites like The RealReal are becoming the new go-to for fashionistas, savvy shoppers and buying resale is basically the new black. The consignment shop is focused on sustainability, authenticity and the life cycle for luxury items.

Shoppers are sharper than ever opting for secondhand buys over the brand new. Online retailers make it easier and easier to buy, rent, purchase, subscribe and resell items than ever before. Along with this, consumers preferences have changed. The option to buy and resell later creates new life cycles for luxury or vintage items and gives them new life every time they resell.

The resale industry reportedly grew 49% in term of “industry disruptors” from 2017-2018, moving out its closest competitor by +40% and completely demolishing all apparel retail by 24x faster. The number is only looking to continue to grow in the upcoming years as the resale market is expected to hit $41 billion by 2022.

The RealReal is ultimately redefining resale. There are around 25,000 “new with tags” items on the site. While brands have not disclosed working with The RealReal, off-loading unsold off season items is not unheard of. Big names like Gucci, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga have revealed they have done some collaborating with The RealReal in the past.

The demise of brick-and-mortar stores like H&M and Forever21 may be imminent because of how the industry is moving. The idea of giving items new life by giving items new homes is sustainable and has a massive environmental impact. The eco-conscious millennial consumers are keeping this alive and company’s like The RealReal are allowing us to shop like never before.