OSI Group: Multinational Food Processor & Supplier

OSI Group has metamorphosed from a nondescript butchery to a leading global provider of meat and meat products. The company rose from humble beginnings and currently prides itself in having more than 20,000 employees and operates in 17 countries. Nevertheless, the organization is still on an aggressive global expansion plan and aims to increase its number of stores from 65 to a formidable number that will rank it even higher on the global scale.

Company Origin

OSI group is the embodiment of a company that grew from the resilience, dedication, and determination of its German-immigrant founders. The founder, Otto Kolschowsky voyaged to America at the turn of the 20h century with nothing but an American Dream. He settled in Chicago, Illinois, from where he brainstormed on the best business venture that would put him on a path towards achieving the American Dream.

After market research, Kolshowsky settled on opening a butcher shop that would serve the German community. German immigrants constituted approximately a quarter of the population in Chicago at the time. He later ventured into wholesale of meat and meat products after doing business for a decade. With his expansion came the need to move into another Suburb in Maywood, Chicago. The company later rebranded to Otto & Sons; a fete which signified its upward spiral to becoming a world-renowned brand.

Global Expansion

OSI Group has been on a worldwide expansion plan that has seen it venture into new markets in Europe, Asia, and India. For instance, they managed to purchase a Dutch-based food processing company, Baho Foods in 2016. The acquisition was made possible due to the diligence and market strategies that were employed by CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. Additionally, OSI Group also acquired another European company, Flagship Europe. They subsequently took over the production of condiments, pies and frozen poultry that had been the hallmark of Flagship Europe.

Most experts have been mesmerized by OSI Group’s tactics and global expansion ambitions. Analysts have reiterated that few companies manage to have a substantial market share for so long while at the same time remain profitable. The company’s leadership are driven by virtues such as customer engagement and production of services that are tailored towards meeting customer needs.

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